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Bioman Poster in Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue Game

Here's a screenshot of the Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue game which I played before.  I just didn't notice it all too soon... haha!  

Super Sentai and Kamen Rider Team Ups

Well here's a history (from what I know) of Kamen Rider and Super Sentai teaming up.  Now here's how it went:

In JAKQ vs. Goranger, Kamen Rider was mentioned but never appeared on-screen.  Granted, Shotaro Ishinomori was also the producer of Goranger and JAKQ which didn't join the Super Sentai list until later.

Kamen Rider with Super Sentai had appeared in the stage shows though you might find them also teaming up with Metal Heroes, Ultraman (which belongs to Tsubaraya and not Toei) as well as Doraemon (as pictured above).  However note these are stage shows, not TV program broadcasts.  Hmmm just funny really that President Nobita from the Philippines isn't here in the crossover. =P  By the way, I don't like Japanese Spiderman.  Stage shows are not official to their show's continuity.

Years later, Saban did try something on-screen rather than a stage show to promote his rather failed version of Masked Rider.  It's unfair not to credit Saban for this one con…

So Ciara Hanna Was Watching Gokaiger?

From Orends Range's fan page, this is just interesting.  So yeah it's nice to know that even if some people who watch Super Sentai dislike (not hate) Power Rangers, they still respect it nonetheless and are against the unfair haters of any type.  So we have Kei Hosogai wanting to check out how Super Megaforce will turn out, now Powtards are probably butthurt over this one seeing Ciara Hanna has just mentioned in her Twitter her favorite is Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger.
However I am more inclined to talk about Samurai Sentai Shinkenger than Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger.  I don't like Power Rangers Samurai yet I want to meet them and talk about Shinkenger and I like Power Rangers Megaforce better but I'm not all that into Gokaiger.

Some Super Sentai Cast Members Younger Than Their Power Rangers Cast Members Counterparts

So here's the reverse of the previous entry.  Now here are some I can name:

Reiko Chiba is five years younger than Amy Jo Johnson.

Eri Tanaka is one year younger than Tracy Lynn Cruz.

Tetsuji Tamaya is two years younger than Philip Andrew.

Haruka Suenaga is seven years younger than Rhoda Montemayor.

Tyuyoshi Hayashi is one year younger than Chris Violette.

Missed any?  Let me know!

Some Super Sentai Cast Members Older than Their Power Rangers Cast Members Counterparts

Okay this isn't complete and I am open for constructive criticisms here to tell me about these, I just got them from Lavender Ranger's sites so don't really expect me to do this everything right.

Yuuta Mochizuki is six years older than Austin St. John.

Shiro Izumi was born in 1961 making him 31 years old in Zyuranger's time, Jason David Frank was only 20 years old that time.

Seiju Umon is four years older than Walter Jones and nine years older than Johnny Yong Boscho.

Too self-explanatory here with the actor Yoshihiro Masujima is an adult, Blake Foster was 11 years old that time. =P  Also Hisashi Sakai is four years older than Blake Foster.

Kaneko Noboru is three years older than Rick Medina.  He was actually 27 years old that time during Gaoranger's filming.  Andrew Gray was 26 when he was cast in Megaforce.

Nao Nagasawa is one year older than Sally Martin.

Koichi Nishi is three years older than James Napier.

Aiko Ito is four years older than Emma Lahana.


My Thoughts on Some Super Sentai Producers

Here's the complete list of Super Sentai producers from Shougo's blog.  On the other hand, here's a few I can really talk more or less of what I think of them because I've seen the shows:

Well here's the guy responsible for the production of huge amount of outstanding shows and well "experimental seasons" or for the Hirohisa Soda of Super Sentai, when Sentai was getting its foundations built.  I guess he and Soda really were a team as well as with Toshiki Inoue (for Jetman) and the late Noboru Sugimura.

Perhaps top of Fantasy Leader's list, he was with the Carranger, Megaranger and Gingaman era.  I don't like the idea why Toei fired him in the middle of Hibiki.  When we think of it, he was responsible for three shows- one that supposedly saved Sentai from cancellation namely Carranger, Megaranger and Yasuko Kobayashi's magnum in writing, Gingaman.  Kamen Rider Kuuga (with Arakawa) was a great success.  So yeah, it sucks he's gone.

He star…