Some Super Sentai Cast Members Younger Than Their Power Rangers Cast Members Counterparts

So here's the reverse of the previous entry.  Now here are some I can name:

Reiko Chiba is five years younger than Amy Jo Johnson.

Eri Tanaka is one year younger than Tracy Lynn Cruz.

Tetsuji Tamaya is two years younger than Philip Andrew.

Haruka Suenaga is seven years younger than Rhoda Montemayor.

Tyuyoshi Hayashi is one year younger than Chris Violette.

Missed any?  Let me know!


  1. You forgot Kaoru Shiba and her counterpart Lauren Shiba

    (Kaoru's actress was only about 14 when she did shinkenger)

  2. For Magishine/ Solaris Knight

    Yousuke Ichikawa was 25 at that time and John Tui looks like he was 31.

  3. I don't know how old she is exactly, but I'm sure Rajia Baroudi (Delphine's actress) is definitely older than Satomi Hirose (Tsuruhime's acress).

    [I meant to put that comment here, but I put it in the wrong entry.]


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