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A Comparison Between the Zyurangers and Their MMPR Season One Counterparts

So okay also part of the whole anniversary of Power Rangers honoring thing and for Power Rangers fans who support my work to promote the word about Super Sentai, here's a comparison. I'll admit I saw MMPR first before Zyuranger and there were some moments of me hating Power Rangers then regaining my soft spot and some shock value. Here goes...

Jason and Geki- I find them pretty standard for red rangers, both were professional leaders who truly cared about their teammates. Okay Jason does seldom sound like he's a caveman compared to Geki (which for me, Geki should have sounded like a caveman instead due to Zyuranger's theme is all prehistoric). But other than that, both of them were strong leaders. Both also tend to get shipped with the pink rangers of their show as well by fans. But for me Jason is closer to being Shiro in Bioman with his teammates. XD

Winner: Tie.

Zack and Goushi- This is one contrast of personalities. Zack was a happy go lucky, cheerful fighter who i…

A Comparison of Zyuranger's Premiere Episodes to MMPR's Premiere Episodes

So it is recognized today as the 20th anniversary of the day that Rita Repulsa first escaped the dumpster but much of those scenes were taken from Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger to adapt into Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers:
First let's deal with Bandora herself.  In the MMPR version, Rita Repulsa just decides to conquer the next planet but in Zyuranger, Bandora was actually born from the planet Earth and not an alien where she held a grudge against it deciding to take over the world as we know it. So pretty much, there's much drama in the first episode with that not only does she harm the astronauts and destroy the seal that sealed her and her minions, Bandora also is involved with two children kidnapped which really makes her really scary or her actually uprooting buildings to create her Bandra Palace on the moon.  There's also much drama between Barza and Bandora in the first episode due to the obvious fact that Barza was not sealed in a time warp. Just a thought... looking…

A Rundown of Super Sentai and Power Rangers in Doing Anniversary Specials

So today Power Rangers turns 20 while Power Rangers is 37 and had at least two anniversary crossovers and for Power Rangers, it had two as well which will be explained below.  Now for a review of these anniversary specials:

Before Goranger and JAKQ were added as part of Super Sentai, Turboranger was the 10th anniversary of Super Sentai.  However later on, Goranger and JAKQ got acknowledged thus imo removing this as an anniversary season.  Episode zero of Turboranger was a clip show featuring Battle Fever J up to Liveman.

To prepare for the 25th anniversary, the post-Timeranger episode that included Goranger and JAKQ was created.  So yeah, it was a gateway since Timeranger ended and Gaoranger was going to become the 25th Super Sentai.  Too bad Time Force for a great Power Rangers entry didn't present a showcase of all previous rangers after the final episode, that would have been cool so at least people can know of the earlier Power Rangers as well.

Gaoranger was the 25th entry ma…

Sixth Rangers I Thought Really Made the Plots Better

Not all sixth rangers are really good, some of them just enter for the sake of adding one more (like Genta) but these guys made the plot better IMO:

Burai- He brought some conflict to the show rather than just boring plots, like when he actually willingly joined Bandora in contrast to Tommy's under Rita's spell or two, he was also the older brother of Geki.  The six part arc was really very well written considering he had an uneasy alliance with Bandora and his backstory with Geki.  Pretty much, I thought this guy made Zyuranger more interesting.

Kou- Well don't underestimate this guy just because he's a kid, he's got a very important plot aside from the Won Tiger's addition.  He is the son of Shadam by a Daos woman and the twin brother of Akomaru.  I thought his arrival and Akomaru's arrival brought more interesting conflict in Dairanger plus the fact he is Shadam's son makes it more interesting to watch.  He's not just a random kid chosen to becom…

Super Sentai Villains I Felt Their Later Arrival Added Conflict to the Show

Here are some characters in Super Sentai that arrived later that I believe brought conflict to the show they were in:

Biohunter Silver- Ever since his arrival in Bioman, it became a really frightful thing as he was zealous about killing ANYTHING with Bio Particles plus the fact that he had the power that killed Mika Koizumi makes it even more frightening.  In fact, I was worried as a kid he'd kill ALL the Biomen soon.  I thought that his role as an enemy to both Bioman and Gear made him a very interesting foe.  Too bad he was shrunk into a stupid role for Super Hero Taisen.

General Zenobia- So she was originally banished for rebelling against Aton.  What makes her a real bitch is that she framed up BOTH Kar (which led to his death) and Megiddo (which led to his exile only to return as Black Knight).

Queen Ahames- Power-hungry ruler of Amazo, this woman knows what she is doing with the Changemen.  Her cruelty is something you just can't underestimate.  Consider every plan she …

Radiguet's Chances of Redemption

What makes Radiguet interesting (and despicable) as a villain was that unlike most Sentai SOBs who seem to be evil for evil's sake, this guy actually some chances for redemption.  When given that chance, he throws it away making him more hatefully cruel than he was already at the start.  So here they are...

During the time Radiguet had amnesia as a result of being punished severely by Juuza for treason, he slowly falls for Saki a girl who could have died if it wasn't for his latent power.  So he was falling in love with her but later, he realized who he really was.  He even helped the Jetmen (for now) recognize the weak spot of Juuza. Saki wanted him to be good but at his own free will, he KILLED her so he could stay the self-righteous, judgmental and insane villain he is.

The second time was when he was demoted to being a servant again during Tranza's reign.  So what happened was that Tranza fed him to Veronica which ironically allowed him to absorb such power until he …

Short-Term Villains I Find Interesting

Super Sentai had short-term villains which I found interesting namely...

In episodes 19-20 we are taken to the concept of the Prince in Bioman.  So pretty much, at first he seems to be some delinquent teenager of 17 years of age, builds his own Mechagagain known as he Grotesquekans.  Also, it's amazing to see this guy is one ruthless killer who really has nothing in mind but to serve Doctor Man his "father".  However it turned out to be he was a robot, not a human which led to the Biomen to finally destroy him in battle.

In Jetman 17-18, we are treated to the return of the Vyram Empress Juuza.  I thought that she really knows how to be a problem to everyone especially when she starts attacking the Jetmen directly.  Also, compared to Radiguet she does have some care for her subordinates despite her cruelty.  Just made me think that Radiguet is one ungrateful SOB for planning to get rid of her despite all the care she had for him.  The Jetmen managed to defeat her then Rad…

My Favorite Joyful Revelations in Super Sentai Besides the Final Battle is Won

Well here's some of my collection of joyful revelations in Super Sentai aside from the final defeat of villains...

Shima being restored to who she truly was after Buuba supposedly "killed" her.

Gator reforms and lives to tell the tale.  Felt so happy for him after he was reunited with his family.  Same with Gyodai as well.

The unity of the Igam twins.  Yup it was nice to see Igam finally seeing the light.  I mean I really thought she would have to die causing much more pain to her sister Ial.

The truth that the Fivemen's parents were still alive was for me was a shocker but a pleasant one indeed.  Well it was somewhat hinted they were still alive because of the arrival of Star Five.  I believe they recovered their stranded parents too.

Burai's reconciliation with Geki though sadly this wouldn't last long due to his 30 hours to live condition.  Yet despite Burai's death, he got to the land of death in peace when a young boy named Kota was saved.

Most Disturbing Revelations in Super Sentai

Here's a collection of what I believe to be the most disturbing revelations in Super Sentai.  They are disturbing to me with all the nightmare fuel it provided and all.  These are...

Doctor Man's past in Bioman was one pretty disturbing revelation.  Hints of his past appear in episode 19 when the Prince appeared declaring himself the son of Doctor Man.  Doctor Man is revealed to be human when he introduces Prince as his only son and heir who was exposed to be a mecha human he created in place of his missing son.  In episodes 25-26 we later discover that Doctor Man was actually somebody who altered his mind with super science and became what he is and that scene was pretty freaky for me.  Pretty much, it continues to his rivalry with Shiro's estranged father Shinichiro who he was once former friends with.

The plot behind Bio Hunter Silver.  So we discover in episode 27 the very source of the power that killed Mika Koizumi all the way back in episode 10.  So it's all ab…

Most Dramatic Sentai Ranger Kills Sentai Villain Scenes IMO

In Super Sentai, I have my obsession with one-on-one duels to the death as well.  Here are my favorites in no particular order:

Buuba's death at the hands of Change Dragon- It did look like he killed Shima which enraged both Ahames (since Shima was needed to create the destructive wave with Daryl who generates the anti-Amanga energy needed to destroy the Changemen) and the Changemen.  In this one, Buuba decides to die a warrior's death by challenging Change Dragon rather than die at the hands of Gozma.  After being wounded severely by Change Dragon, we see a restored Shima and he talks to her, telling her that she's been restored.  With his last breath, he blows up while heading towards Ahames with his sword as a marker for his sacrifice.

Baraba's death at the hands of Red Mask- Okay I don't think the choreography is unique but the plot behind it is.  So Baraba joined with Kiros who was going to use him to get Ial.  So after being turned down by Oyobur who had more…

Maskman's "Love Soldier" English Translation

It's been along time since I posted some English translation.  Now for the song:

I promise you
If it is for your sake
I'll sacrifice my body and fight

Even if I have to give my life
to protect your dream
I won't have any regrets
Soldier of Love, MaskMan
Soldier of Love, MaskMan
I'm glad I met you
Get fired up, our MaskMan

Try believing
That anyone
Can live only on kindness

Right now your dream
is supporting a rainbow bridge leading to tomorrow
That crosses over a flower garden in the sky
Soldier of Love, MaskMan
Soldier of Love, Maskman
He has come to protect you
Get fired up, our Maskman

Even if I have to give my life
to protect your dream
I won't have any regrets
Soldier of Love, MaskMan
Soldier of Love, MaskMan
I'm glad I met you
Get fired up, our MaskMan

For me this whole theme song FITS very well with the theme Maskman has in itself as the first love story Super Sentai.  Also it is fitting theme for Takeru as he seeks to rescue his girlfriend Ial from the clutches of Tube's cap…

Nicknames I Gave to Some Super Sentai Villains as a Child

As a child, I gave some names to certain villains.  They were:

I called Monster as "Mr. Baldy Guy".

I called Doctor Man as that Dr. Creepy Old Guy.

I called Zeba as "Emperor of Terror".

I called Anagbas as "Mr. Monster Guy".

I called Radiguet as Mr. Blue Face and Mr. Crazy Guy.

I will still try to remember the others when I can. =P