Short-Term Villains I Find Interesting

Super Sentai had short-term villains which I found interesting namely...

In episodes 19-20 we are taken to the concept of the Prince in Bioman.  So pretty much, at first he seems to be some delinquent teenager of 17 years of age, builds his own Mechagagain known as he Grotesquekans.  Also, it's amazing to see this guy is one ruthless killer who really has nothing in mind but to serve Doctor Man his "father".  However it turned out to be he was a robot, not a human which led to the Biomen to finally destroy him in battle.

In Jetman 17-18, we are treated to the return of the Vyram Empress Juuza.  I thought that she really knows how to be a problem to everyone especially when she starts attacking the Jetmen directly.  Also, compared to Radiguet she does have some care for her subordinates despite her cruelty.  Just made me think that Radiguet is one ungrateful SOB for planning to get rid of her despite all the care she had for him.  The Jetmen managed to defeat her then Radiguet killed her at her weakest state.

In Kakuranger, we are treated to Junior who sadly lasted for only 18 episodes.  Why?  I would say this guy is way more badass than the adaptation decay counterpart that is Rito Revolto. This guy really is cold, ruthless and savagely brutal.  Too bad he was killed by Kakure Daishogun prior to the revival of his father Daimaou.  I mean, he and Daimaou could have formed a really badass team but oh well... Kakuranger is fun but I thought Junior needed more episodes.

Bomber the Great- Perhaps for me the only interesting villain in Ohranger for me.  This guy really means business like when he took over the Baranoia Empire after the defeat of Bacchushund at the hands of the Ohrangers via the Ohblocker Robo.

Gurail- Compared to most of those on Javious' crew, this guy really knew how to be really despicable giving the Megarangers a hard time.  In fact, I think he's even more cruel than Dr. Hinelar in his approach.  However Dr. Hinelar tricked him into taking the NejiGen capsule that made him stronger but more insane.  He was destroyed by the Mega Voyager which will soon give room to the Nejirangers.

Loki in Gaoranger was another.  While he possessed Shirogane, he really knew how to cause the Gaorangers' pain yet he was also in conflict within himself.  I would say this guy is really a badass villain with a chilling personality.