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Kiddie Show Sunday And A Trip To McDonald's

Well it's time for a Thursday Throwback. I remembered writing about feeling one's "kiddie show Sunday" spirit whenever one hears the words "Super Hero Time!". But there's one thing I just failed to notice was that McDonald's didn't only get involved with children's shows in its home country. According to the Kamen Rider Wiki -- Toei and TV Asahi signed a contract with McDonald's serving as one of their sponsors last 2007. This reminds me that TV-Nihon had subbed some of the McDonald's commercials that were done. This only came into my head when Sawa in Kamen Rider Build and Keiichiro in Lupinranger vs. Patranger did a similar gesture as McDonald's -- which also looks like a ballet pose if I'm not wrong.

This takes me back to a bit of the past. I remembered how Sundays meant it was kiddie show Sunday -- unless there were exams to study for and I had to skip them and it wasn't the digital age where I could watch them later…

My Own Version Of Chisato Jougasaki

I remembered doing some wishful thinking for Megaranger -- after all, nothing is perfect, right? This one had me rethinking about how I wish Chisato to have appeared especially after watching the Megaranger vs. Carranger film. While events in that film are most likely not to fit in either which continuity but I thought of it'd be better if Natsumi Shinohara/Yellow Racer actually teamed up with a more badass Chisato.

Both Natsumi and Chisato bring back the experimental concept of Mika Koizumi for a reason -- one's a rebel loner and the other is a photographer. Rewatching all the Natsumi focused episodes in Carranger is where it's just badass. Natsumi herself shows just how you can't mess with her. What else does Natsumi and Mika have in common? Their fondness for red clothing and the tendency to oppose the red ranger. Heck, I even felt Natsumi-focused episodes written by Hirohisa Soda actually had Mika in mind. I even called Natsumi a season long Mika.

Now I'd like…

Lupinranger VS. Patranger Nombre 7: Umika's Badass Moment

Cette week's episode of Lupinranger vs. Patranger features a really badass moment for Umika/Lupin Yellow. Cette will reveal something about her past and how she's developed in le present. Meanwhile, la (there's) some crack shipping. So be more ready to get more French-y posts whenever I write something that's related to ce (this) year's Super Sentai.
Sakuya still has his interest in Umika while he's unaware he could be Batman dating Catwoman. They're at le opposite sides of le law. Tsukasa does get irritated as she's probably le only one logical one in her team.

We get to know more about le personality of Sakuya. He's a playboy which seems to fit with my idea of a Batman/Catwoman relationship. Cette may be a conflict between Sakuya's crush on Umika (which I feel she may reciprocate anytime soon) and le Lupinranger vs. Patranger conflict.

Merg Arita himself is equipped with a Lupin Collection that looks like Smoky's Magical Lamp from Magiran…

Lupinranger VS. Patranger Nombre 6: Patren-1's Grudge VS. Public Safety

Bojour (hello) to all mon readers! It's time for ce week episode of Lupinranger vs. Patranger. Last week's episode was left with a cliffhanger. Ce time, there's going to be some balancing issues especially with both sides of the coin.

Keiichiro still mad as F*** over cette (that) fact that he was defeated by Lupin Red. Kairi wants to get information from le hothead policeman Zenigata Keiichiro but it doesn't do any good. What happens next is cette Ganglers with Buldont Peggy shows up and causes trouble.

There's le big question of conflict right now. Zenigata errrr Keiichiro is acting idiotic all over again. It's just about time cette Tsukasa slaps him at the face. Sometimes, you really need to hit someone at the face to wake them up from whatever delusions they're engaged in.

This results to a bit of flashback especially where Keiichiro has just been newly installed as a police officer with Tsukasa. He talks about the responsibility of setting one's pe…

Arsene Lupin, Lupin III, Lupinranger VS. Patranger And A Serving Of Japanese Crepe

Lupinranger vs. Patranger is bringing my head to France and last year brought my head to outer space. So I didn't go to outer space and no -- I'm not booking for a flight to Paris either. But I just want to do a little bit of "French madness" yet again because of le country of origin of le Lupin stories. Arsene Lupin's story started in France while I actually learned about his stories from Japanese media -- whether it'd be Lupin III or ce year's Super Sentai series.

Importing le story of Arsene Lupin to Japan with a "separate sequel" known as Lupin III

Le story of Arsene Lupin may have been popularized in Japan through Lupin III. From what I heard, Monkey Punch didn't have any permission to use le Lupin name when they wrote a pseudo-sequel to Maurice Leblanc's books. But by le time that le estate wanted to sue -- le name Lupin had become of common use. It's like how certain fictitious characters like le Tooth Fairy or April Fool no lo…

Lupinranger VS. Patranger Nombre 5: Targeted Le International Police

Ce week episode is focused on le VS Vehicles. So ce week, I am using le TV-Nihon subs (for now due to Over-Time's current real life issue with a sick subber) and may consider switching to it sooner or later. But I tend to prefer Over-Time because I could do the reviews ASAP unlike TV-Nihon where I have to wait for a few more days. So let's begin with le review, shall we? Sidenote, I will be using Nombre instead of Number from this point onward as I want to add a bit of le French feeling for my upcoming Lupinranger vs. Patranger posts aside from some occasional Tagalog with English translations. If you want to get a start, please read this entry on French phrases
Le latest episode focuses on Destra's appearance with Bundorette Peggy. Destra finally shows up to le Lupinrangers. Le Lupinrangers are trying to take le opportunite to get the treasures. This doesn't go so well either as...
As said, le international police would show up whenever there's a Gangler. Comma…

Do You Want Some French-Inspired Pastries While You Watch Lupinranger VS. Patranger?

While watching le first four episodes of Lupinranger vs. Patranger -- I had a thought entering into my head of throwing in yet another challenge because of the place called Le Bistrot Jurer. Bistrot means small restaurant. Jurer means oath or promise. The restaurant's name in English may mean The Small Restaurant of Promise for that reason -- to which I'll purposely use "le" instead of "the" in some occasions so expect me to be "attempting to be French" in later episode reviews just for fun. Sidenote, I'm just writing ce (which means this in French) entry (for now) because Over-Time is having some real life issues (one of the crew members isn't feeling well) so expect some late reviews.

While I was watching, I just got hungry for some french pastry which I buy on occasion. If I can post le Arsene Lupin-related media challenge then I want to post le French food challenge. I've heard of Japanese-style crepe and tried some Filipino style…

Lupinranger VS. Patranger Number 4: The Unusual Kidnapping

This week's Lupinranger vs. Patranger starts to develop some secrets behind the secondary team called Patrangers. This also involves a weird kidnapping case which would startle just anyone if it were real. 
As stupid as Detective Zenigata Keiichiro is but he's not that stupid. Sure, he's tense but he's right about the Ganglers. Right now, we don't know who's dumber between Keiichiro or Sakuya. I mean, Sakuya should at least have an educated guess it was a Gangler case. If we're going to say it in Tagalog, Keiichiro may probably say, "Kung hindi naman ang Ganger ang may gawa eh sino naman yun?!" or "If it's not the Ganglers who did it then who is it?" Just me wishing that we've had a Tagalog gag sub right now but sigh.

It was fun to see this flashback that contrasted both of them. As far as we're concerned, Tsukasa is calm and collected in contrast to Zenigata errr Keiichiro. Sorry but I just love mentioning Detective Zenigat…