Lupinranger VS. Patranger Number 4: The Unusual Kidnapping

This week's Lupinranger vs. Patranger starts to develop some secrets behind the secondary team called Patrangers. This also involves a weird kidnapping case which would startle just anyone if it were real. 

As stupid as Detective Zenigata Keiichiro is but he's not that stupid. Sure, he's tense but he's right about the Ganglers. Right now, we don't know who's dumber between Keiichiro or Sakuya. I mean, Sakuya should at least have an educated guess it was a Gangler case. If we're going to say it in Tagalog, Keiichiro may probably say, "Kung hindi naman ang Ganger ang may gawa eh sino naman yun?!" or "If it's not the Ganglers who did it then who is it?" Just me wishing that we've had a Tagalog gag sub right now but sigh.

It was fun to see this flashback that contrasted both of them. As far as we're concerned, Tsukasa is calm and collected in contrast to Zenigata errr Keiichiro. Sorry but I just love mentioning Detective Zenigata whenever Keiichiro is brought up. TBH, I think Banban Akaza in Dekaranger may be smarter than Keiichiro. Hehe.

They do some investigations where they found some shark stuffed toys. How could anyone just disappear? As they do some investigations, they find a certain merchant selling the same item. But what's predictable (or not) is this...

Yes, the toy merchant IS Loveroom Jaws as the Lupinrangers reveal him to be. This results to yet another conflicted scene. But in between, Patren-3 tries to get information from Lupin Yellow. This also results to a conflict within the Lupinranger group.

This would be a very interesting thing. It reminds me of how often Detective Zenigata may at times have no other choice but to team up with Lupin III whenever the situation gets too tight. I would have done the same if I were Umika. After all, the Ganglers are the real villains. The Lupinrangers are taking away treasures that could destroy the whole world if they remain in the hands of the Ganglers.

The investigation goes on and they find more of the same shark stuffed animal. Yup, it was used as a catalyst which is later shown in the later investigation scene. 

There's the weakness that Tsukasa has -- it's for stuffed animals. She hugs it and she disappears. But this puts everyone to their advantage because they find out what's going on.

Yup, Loveroom Jaws has been capturing people and he's going to sell them as decorations. Tsukasa shows how badass Super Sentai girls can be with busting them out of captivity and standing on her own. Loveroom Jaws gets too furious and decides to sell Tsukasa next who gets into a pickle before the others save her -- the same way any cornered warrior gets saved by their teammates. The others do figure out how to work the mechanism leading to another huge battle. 

The battle also features a bit of gratitude between Lupin Yellow and Patren-3 is shown. Patren-3 may not be aware of who Lupin Yellow is as of the moment. Right now, I think it's possible both teams may soon team up when things get rough but tough luck -- Keiichiro is one headstrong Zenigata type of character.

The relationship between Good Striker and both teams are further explored. He's allied to both teams which explains why he would either become Lupin Kaiser and Pat Kaiser. It was nice to see how Pat Kaiser falls down and Lupin Kaiser takes over. His characterization may be what's badly needed to get both teams to put their differences aside.

At the end of the episode, we see that Keiichiro knows Tsukasa's weakness for stuffed animals. That's how they discovered how to activate the teleportation device. Personally, I don't find it much of a weakness for Tsukasa either. Every tough person needs a soft side after all, right?

Next week, there will be a bit more exploration of the rivalry of the two teams. Hopefully, we're going to see the Lupinrangers and Patrangers discover more about each other. Will numbskull Keiichiro eventually discover who the Lupinrangers are?