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More of Gai Ikari

Well Gai Ikari does differ from Gai Yuuki.  How?  Here's what we learn about Gai Ikari...

Compared to Gai Yuuki, Gai Ikari is shown to be selfless to people.  He's no rampaging road wolf.

He does easily get along with the rich girl Ahim at first meeting compared to Gai Yuuki.  LOL.

Also other details...

Gai Ikari meets three departed extra Sentai rangers... Mikoto Nakadai, Burai and Naoto Takizawa.  Too bad the other two are not out of suit.  Shiro Izumi is living a normal life as far as I know.  Where is Shinji Kasahara?  So we do know Gai Ikari will risk his life to save others, something that Gai Yuuki also did.  I also partly get reminded of Tommy's dream in Dino Thunder here.  Jason David Frank might want to comment on this.  It could also be stressed that he was denied membership at first compared to Gai Yuuki who wanted to escape membership.

Some puns...

Instead of turning into Shinken Gold, he becomes King Ranger instead.  In Zeo, the King Ranger was called the Gold Ra…

Issei Hirota Smoking

Here's a picture of Issei Hirota smoking.  However knowing Japan, it's not that surprising.

Gai Ikari's Battlizer

Can't stop using the term "battlizer" can't I?  Ha ha.  Anyway, as said, battlizers were existent in Tokusatsu before they made it into the U.S. adaptations.  I think this is kind of funny-looking at the same time cool.  I don't know what to think about it.  So I wonder if the Gokaigers will also get a battlizer too?
Some flashbacks on battlizers in Tokusatsu...
The Metal Hero series B-Fighter had the concept of a Battlizer.
The idea of a single ranger upgrade was from Zyuranger.  Burai had the power chest armor which he later passed on to Geki before he died a second time.  Burai is a sixth ranger with a battlizer but it was always on him by default compared to Gai Ikari.
Everything else...
Gai Yuuki still kicks his butt... LOL!

Ryuunosuke Ikenami: The Cool Water Dragon

It's been some time since the last time I made a spotlight on a hero.  Well, I guess Ryuunosuke Ikenami shoudl make the spot.  So what's kind of unique about him?  Well he's a blue ranger with a dragon emblem.  While originally a dragon would mean a hot headed character, he is quite the opposite.  In fact, like the water that is his element, he is the cool guy of the group.  There's some things to say about him- loyal vassal who can get annoying like Tanba, team support and ever reliable second-in-command.  What's not to say about this guy?

So here's the big deal- he was a kabuki actor way before he was inevitably called to fulfill his destiny as a Shinkenger.  Hmmm... it was a pretty hard choice to make isn't it?  So anyway, he became a devoted vassal to Takeru Shiba, at first becoming sort of a comic relief due to his rashness at times and inevitably developing into a serious character fans know and love him for.  His seriousness is what would make him a g…

Introducing Gai Ikari!

Gokaiger will have its introduction of GAI IKARI.  Well I think Gai Yuuki can beat this guy up anytime.  Hee hee.  Talk about having another Gai in Super Sentai.  Like Genta Umemori, he is pretty hyper.
Naruhisa Arakawa and his co-writers really know how to pay tribute.  These are all extra rangers.  Oh yeah, nice to see Dragon Ranger being used and also Abare Killer.
He does have some funny moments but don't underestimate him.  Like Genta, beneath that hyper psychotic guy is a power so strong...
He's now looking pretty bad-ass!
Now that's kinda brutal... woah!
It will be no surprise next week will have the a silver ranger mayhem.  Hee hee.

Super Sentai Cast Members in Metal Hero

Well some Super Sentai characters did also appear in Metal Hero.  Now time to recall who I can recall...

Kenji Ohba- He played as Gavan in his own series and later made a finale appearance in Sharivan.  Perhaps his best known part is GAVAN!  When he appears, Gavan comes to mind.  Glad he would reappear for the Gokaiger movie.
Soga Machiko- She appeared as a Double Girl in Gavan (forgot which) and she also appeared as Queen Pandora in Spielban.  RIP Soga Machiko.
Takumi Hirose- I forgot which series he appeared in.  I think it was Jiraya.  Correct me if I'm wrong.
Yuki Yajima- She appeared in Bioman as Helen before her role as Mika Koizumi in Bioman.  Sadly she didn't last long in the entertainment world.  
Naoto Oka and Junichiro Katagari- They guest starred in Janperson as incompetent police officers.

Villains Who Cloned Themselves

Well there were villains in Super Sentai who cloned themselves.  They were:

Doctor Man- He created a mechaclone of himself to fool Mason just in case his betrayal came.  In episode 28, this mechaclone was used to its fullest as it was killed to fool Mason and the others.  Later, he revealed himself alive and well to the traitors he reprogrammed.  It was a back-up scheme just in case the Big Three figured out his true identity.
Zulten- In episode 37 of Turboranger, Zulten created a metallic clone of himself called Zulten Metal Type to defeat the Turborangers.  At first its skin was impregnable but the weak spot located at its abdomen was too exposed.  It was discovered when a zombified Misa Yamaguchi fought back at the Zulten Metal Type.
Lt. Col. Gara- She created Wraith Gara out of the a straw doll and her blood without being aware she was the copy of the real Gara.  Talk about the clone cloning itself.  LOL.  Compared to her other teammates, she was only a copy while Gorma XV, Shadda…

Super Sentai Cast Members in Kamen Rider W

Kamen Rider W was filled with Sentai alumni especially post-Timeranger.  Thanks to Fantasy Leader for this information.  Here they are:

Meibi Yamauchi was T-Rex Dophant in episodes 1-2.
Koji Sueyoshi guest starred in episodes 11-12.  Only pre-Timeranger Sentai cast member here.
Nao Nagasawa appeared as Invisible Dophant in episodes 27-28.
Kaoru Hinata plays as Yesterday Dophant in episodes 33-34.
Naoki Kawano plays as the Gene Dophant in episodes 39-40.
Yuki Hirata plays as a guest from episode 39-40.
Yui Koike appeared in episode 49 as a guest of the week before Gokaiger.
Deai Masayuki appeared as Trigger Dophant in the Kamen Rider W movie "A to Z/Gaia Memories of Fate".
Rin Takanashi appeared as Mina in Kamen Rider Returns.

More Super Sentai Cast Members Who Also Appeared in Kamen Rider

Wow!  The forum has just gotten hot.  So many comments.  Thanks guys.  Anyway, it's time to give them the favor.  I won't be adding them to the previous post because it'd be too long an entry.  Thanks to Fantasy Leader for the information.  So here they are:

Yuuta Mochizuki appeared as Kamen Rider J but that was only a short film.  Sad.
Shu Kawaii appeared in Kamen Rider Kuuga as the monster Me Badjisu Ba in episodes 7-8.

Kazuyoshi Sakai appeared as the monster Go Gamego Re's human from in Kamen Rider Kuuga episodes 25-30.

Koji Naka played as Goat Orphenec's human form in Kamen Rider 555.
Mika Katsumara appeared as Kiba's girlfriend in Kamen Rider 555 episodes 1-2.
Kazuoki Takahashi appeared as Moose Fangire in episodes 32-33 of Kamen Rider Kiva.
The Shinkenger main cast appeared in Kamen Rider Decade in the crossover special.  Honestly I didn't like Decade.  LOL.

Part 3 will be dedicated to Kamen Rider W.  Once again kudos to Fantasy Leader for giving me informat…

Super Sentai Cast Members Who Also Appeared in Kamen Rider

Here's a list of Super Sentai cast members who appeared in Kamen Rider, before or after.  Here are some I can remember:

The legendary Hiroshi Miyauchi was Kamen Rider V3... perhaps his best known role.
Hirohisa Nakata played the final villain Emperor Zero before he became Mason in Bioman.  Both performances were extremely evil.
Yutaka Hirose appeared as a guest in Kamen Rider Black episode 4.  He wanted to be Kamen Rider Black as some people say but the role went to Tetsuo Kurata instead.  He later appeared in Kamen Rider Agito episodes 49-50 before he quit Tokusatsu not liking how it has become.  How I wish he appeared in Boukenger as Gaja.
Ryosuke Sakamoto appeared in Kamen Rider Black episode seven as a man whose parents was killed by ruffians, that was after he was Red One in Bioman.  He'll be back for the Gokaiger movie.  Woohoo!
In Kamen Rider Black episode 8, Miyuki Nagato appeared as a Gorgom henchwoman helping out the scheme of the "Devil's Trill". She was pr…