More of Gai Ikari

Well Gai Ikari does differ from Gai Yuuki.  How?  Here's what we learn about Gai Ikari...

Compared to Gai Yuuki, Gai Ikari is shown to be selfless to people.  He's no rampaging road wolf.

He does easily get along with the rich girl Ahim at first meeting compared to Gai Yuuki.  LOL.

Also other details...

Gai Ikari meets three departed extra Sentai rangers... Mikoto Nakadai, Burai and Naoto Takizawa.  Too bad the other two are not out of suit.  Shiro Izumi is living a normal life as far as I know.  Where is Shinji Kasahara?  So we do know Gai Ikari will risk his life to save others, something that Gai Yuuki also did.  I also partly get reminded of Tommy's dream in Dino Thunder here.  Jason David Frank might want to comment on this.  It could also be stressed that he was denied membership at first compared to Gai Yuuki who wanted to escape membership.

Some puns...

Instead of turning into Shinken Gold, he becomes King Ranger instead.  In Zeo, the King Ranger was called the Gold Ranger.  Woah!  Fan service to PR-Sentai fans?!  Perhaps.  Well, we've got PR Samurai airing as well.

To honor him, the writers put all a silver team... LOL.

Well he's got dinosaur inspired mecha that's a nice inspiration from Timeranger's V-Rex, Zyuranger and Abaranger. Nostalgia.  Well it's the same three ghosts that visited him.

Next week... the funniest looking battlizer ever.


  1. nah the spd battelizer is still the funniest

  2. Sean, Gai's accidental transformation into Kingranger wasn't a shout-out to PR-Sentai fans. Gai told Marvelous that ShinkenGold was the one with Kanji on his face. Kingranger has Kanji on his face. So Gai said, the other one with Kanji on his face. Not everything is a shout-out to PR-Sentai fans.

  3. ahhhh,... and I thought the colored spandex suits was a shout-out to Power Rangers. :(



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