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Sentai Speculation: Why Were Zimba, Jarmin and Rehda Written Off Mid-Season?!

Turboranger itself was a Super Sentai series I felt had a great mystery to it. Whether or not it was an injustice, it partly may be. Now I'd like to speculate on why Zimba, Jarmin and Rehda were written off mid-season but they managed to stay for a good half of the show. So what was going on?

For Zimba, I was thinking it's possible to still keep him along considering he doesn't show his face for the rest of the series. I mean, we only got to see his face during the episode that introduced him as a warrior who was once in love with a princess who rejected him. Then again, what if the stuntman had other projects? What if the voice actor wasn't available? I dunno what reasons were his reasons for leaving.

Jarmin was played Kanako Kishi all throughout (she's also a JAV star like Rika Nanase in Carranger, strangely both Turboranger and Carranger had JAV idols acting as villains... Gingaman's Shelinda, Megaranger's Shibolena and Akibaranger's Malshina were …

Sentai Speculation: Takeru Shiba's Possible Characterization Behind the Scenes!!!!

So another character I want to speculate on is Takeru Shiba.  For Ryunosuke and Chiaki, I don't know if there's much to speculate about them but I think Takeru Shiba is worth speculating on.  Now why did they name him Takeru?  How did he turn out the way he did?  Let's try to think of Yasuko Kobayashi and her habit of recycling old stuff from the 80s-90s.  Did executives name Shinken Red as is or did Yasuko Kobayashi choose the name?

Now let's a take at Yasuko Kobayashi's previous shades of red.  Now it's known that Shinkenger had two reds.  In Gingaman, Ryoma takes over his brother Hyuga's place because they all thought the latter died in the first episode only to return later as the second Bullblack.  In Timeranger, there were three reds - Ryuya was the Time Red/Time Fire from the future, Naoto was another red and the leading red is Tatsuya.  In Shinkenger, two reds were namely Takeru Shiba and the real Shinken Red, Kaoru Shiba.  Let's also take a lo…

Bio Hunter Silver: A Real Silver Bullet Indeed!

Now I'll spotlight Silver of Bioman which he was first arrived in episode 37.  What was known is that he was a robot created by the Anti-Bio Alliance who weaponized the Anti-Bio Particles which negates Bio Particles.  But what was really amazing about this guy is that he was not only a threat to the Biomen but also to New Empire Gear.  Peebo greatly feared him and in episode 37, he showed just how dangerous he was when he was invulnerable to BOTH the weapons of Gear and the Biomen.  I mean even by firing his Bio Buster Gun, he made mince meat out of the Mechaclones faster than the Biomen could!  One could see the truly terrifying power of Silver!

Peebo recalled the incident way back at episode 10, the tragic death of Mika.  I'm glad that the writers brought back the issue of Mika's tragic incident because the Anti-Bio Particles were an interesting concept.  Peebo mentions that Silver's Bio Buster gun is far stronger than the Bio Killer Gun.  While none of the Biomen w…

Sentai Injustice: The Way Gai Yuki Died!

Now I would understand if you got stabbed by a knife, yon can die and Gai Yuki's death was realistic on his part but the Jetmen looked like idiots when they couldn't notice anything wrong. Now what was practically wrong with it? Here's what I think... and you can ask WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL? You may also read my speculation behind Toshiki Inoue's injustice.

For one, Gai Yuki is partly based on Joe Asakura. Both of them were badass heroes who would go into the battle line. For one, Gai Yuki was the type who would risk his life in combat. For example, during the Juuza Arc, he took a blast meant for Kaori and even he knew he could die. During the Three Demons Gods arc, he was willing to die to set Kaori free and he said he'll fight to his last drop of blood. For one, Gai Yuki's actions prove that he is one that if he should die, he would truly deserve a warrior's death not just being killed by a random mugger!

You know, the death scene of Gai Yuki could have…

Super Sentai Speculation: Kotoha Hanaori's Possible Characterization Behind the Scenes!

Another character (and spotlight is due soon) I'd like to speculate on is Kotoha Hanaori.  Now this wouldn't be quite a long post compared to Mako's (you know why) but she's still worth talking about.  I was thinking did the actress' inevitable getting chosen get the character to be shifted?  Did they already plan that Kotoha would be the way she is?  I don't really know but I want to get speculative on her as well.

As much as I didn't want to admit it... Kotoha does remind me of Ako Hayasaka/Blue Swallow minus the money hungry part since the former doesn't live a poor life, she's well-to-do even if she's not rich.  But both are characters who have a destiny to face because of circumstances.  Ako had no choice but to become a Jetman because that blue bolt hit her.  Kotoha had no choice because her sister got sick.  Both may have just wanted to continue living normal lives but were by fate, chosen to be rangers.  Both characters are bubbly and c…

Super Sentai Speculation: What Could Have Become The Reason Why Mako Shiraishi's Characterization Ended Up The Way She Was Written?

Now take MANY deep breaths as you can whether you like her or not... because as a Mako Shiraishi fan (Though I'm still more inclined to like all the 90s pink much better, sigh what's wrong with post-Timeranger?!)... this is going to be full of preposterous speculations from me.  I'll draw in some facts and I'll give in some of my assumptions of what really happened behind the scenes.

Now for the basic facts.  Yasuko Kobayashi prior to her first Sentai headwriting job, she wrote 14 episodes of Megaranger as a sub-writer so at least she should be familiar with the Megarangers.  Well Miku being spacey isn't her idea.. but she may have copied the concept into Kagura.  Now let's think about the fact that she is the headwriter of Gingaman and Timeranger, both 90s Sentai when action for all rangers and villains was really badass.  I mean just think... the 80s-90s had REAL badass for almost every color.  But I'll just focus on pink since Mako is pink.

Saya is a s…

My Top Favorite Pink Rangers

I have written a post on my top favorite Sentai reds... now I'll write on my top favorite Sentai pinks.  Since October is also women's month and to show my support for the pink ribbon, here are my favorite pinks.  They are in no particular order and some of my old favorites are gone from this list... as said my opinion is always subject to change:

Momoko/Pink Mask- Although my first Super Sentai crush was Hikaru but I didn't think Hikaru was all that amazing.  Momoko... well one thing is certain she is definitely a darker shade of pink!  Why is that?  While she appears feminine and elegant but don't let her looks and beauty fool you... she can KICK major ass!  Episode 20 of Maskman was actually a sad moment for her but she also showed incredibly kickass moments in that episode!

Mei/Ptera Ranger- Another worth mentioning is Mei.  Now while I'm not that into Zyuranger and I do find Kimberly hotter than her BUT Mei is far more developed than the former.  She is more de…

My Dream Super Sentai Themes and Concepts

So ThatChick has written this post about Sentai themes she thinks would be awesome and so I'll respond to it with my own list of Sentai themes that I wanted but were not in the list.  I wanted to write this post and I'll respond to that one with this post.  I'm even thinking that the latest Sentai news just sucks, again it's a pre-conceived bias because I'm probably almost 30 or what... or is the story just that boring?!  Still can't tell but here's my response to That Chick's entry of Sentai themes I want to see:

My ideas that weren't in ThatChick's list:

After watching Akibaranger, why can't we create an official team of five Otakus?  Now considering this one could be a real comedy Super Sentai... it will require a good writer like Naruhisa Arakawa to time the comedy.  So my concept for this one involves a villain based on myself called Dr. Sean who is a mad genius who is determined to take over the world by corrupting the otaku culture wi…

Sentai Speculation: How in the World Do Bioman's Beastnoids KEEP SURVIVING BEING HIT BY BIO ELECTRONS?!

Now it's time for me to speculate on Doctor Man's most enignmatic creation, the Beastnoids.  What made them unique is that the Biomen didn't kill them, every time they hare hit by a Bio Electron Attack, they just simply WTF retreat?!

Bioman episodes 7-8 really was a few moments that bothered me.  Messerjuu was hit in episode 7 with the Bio Electron Beam and yet he was seen later, still working alongside Mason.  In episode 8, he was fired at by the Bio Super Electron.  Somehow I wonder how do they KEEP SURVIVING?!

Episode 14 kind of gives a partial explanation (yet fails to account for Messerjuu in episodes 7-8) on Aquagaiger.  After Aquagaiger is defeated by the Bio Super Electron, he is seen being brought back to Gear Headquarters.  Aquagaiger requests Doctor Man to fix him.  yet again, how do they keep surviving?!   In episode 24, after Aquagaiger was hit by the Bio Electron Beam, guess what... he is still and LATER found with Mason, waiting for Piranhakans to be launch…

Some Things in Common Between Shinkenger and ToQGer

Shinkenger and ToQGer (an ongoing series) are both having Takaaki Utsunomiya as its chief producer and Yasuko Kobayashi as its head writer.  Now here's some similarities between Shinkenger and ToQGer:

The most obvious is the color coding.  For some reason except for Gobusters, Yasuko Kobayashi ends up getting assigned the colors red, green, blue, yellow and pink when it comes to her being the main writer.  Also take note that Kobayashi was also a sub-writer for Megaranger, Gogo V and Boukenger.

Both Mojikara and Imagination kind of work in a way.  The Shinkengers use their mojikara not only to master their elements but also to make certain things become real by using that power for combat or other purposes.  The ToQGers used their imagination powers to imagine certain things to life to assist them in combat.

Both series had a crossover with the Kamen Rider series that aired alongside it.  Shinkenger aired in a two-partner crossover with Kamen Rider Decade.  ToQGer had a crossover…

Zyuranger/Dairanger Similarities

Both Zyuranger and Dairanger though having different stories shared some similarities considering the head writer was Noboru Sugimura.  Takeyuki Suzuki was the producer of both shows.

Character settings- Although the Zyurangers and Dairangers were different personality-wise but one can see some of these similarities:

Both Zyuranger and Dairange had a mentor with a history with the enemy faction.  Zyuranger had the wizard Barza, Dairanger had Master Kaku.  It's later revealed that Master Kaku had a past with the Gorma itself.

Geki and Ryou are both the young leaders with humongous mecha than the rest of the group.

Goushi and Daigo are the knowledgeable but not necessarily witty ones (most of the witty rangers are from the female rangers).

Super Sentai Villains and Their Typically Convoluted And/Or Unbelievable Plans For World Domination

While rewatching Kamen Rider Black and reading this post by Shogo B'Stard, I want to tackle on one topic on Super Sentai villains and their convoluted and/or unbelievable plots. Now these plans are usually deadly to civilians but sometimes, it makes you think what in the world are these villains planning?! I even can't imagine the accounting done in these rather stupid and absurd plans! Now seldom you have good plans from the regular villains but most of the time, just don't expect a practical plan from them!

1.) Some plans are just questionably stupid to achieve the goals of the enemy organization but may be effective for another or if solely used against the Sentai team

In Maskman episode four "The Dangerous Mebius Tunnel" now the plan can be effective IF your goal was to raise the Sanzu River. I mean, you might want to consider this... not all cars pass through tunnels. I find this convoluted plan effective IF they were aiming at the Maskmen and get them stu…

List of Super Sentai Archers

Here's Super Sentai's list of archery rangers:

Akira Shinmei/Ao Ranger- He's the first archer in Super Sentai but I haven't seen enough Goranger to actually critique on him on a more proper manner.

Gorou Sakurai/Space Ace- He's the first red ranger to be an archer.

Jun Yabuki/Yellow Four II- After Mika bit the dust, Jun Yabuki took over  Now here was one attack that made Jun distinct over Mika and it's the Bio Arrow.  After all, Jun was an archer so why not give her that kind of weapon in combat?  She was able to use her arrow first on Mettlzer on episode 11, her archery career was on focus in episode 13 where she accidentally wounded Shiro/Red One.  She fires it with extreme accuracy too.  Now ONLY if we get another Jun Yabuki in future installments.

Megumi Misaki/Blue Dolphin- She's the second blue ranger who is an archer and the first female blue ranger to be an archer.  Her father trained her as an archer which gives her an edge in archery.  She has show…

Tac the Owl's Possible Symbolic Representation in Timeranger

Timeranger has its obvious shout-outs to itself as a time themed Sentai.  For example you have the Chrono Changers, the Timerangers having Vector Blades representing short hand and long hand but what about Tac?  Now here's my analysis of the symbol of the use of the owl.

The owl was a symbol of the status, wealth and intelligence, In mythological use, the owl was the ruler of the night, seer of souls and keeper of spirits and its symbolic meanings included transition (read here).  It is also teaches discretion, the need of a private sanctuary, being attentive and listening (read here).  Isn't this all Tac does in Timeranger?

For intelligence, Tac has the database of all the alien criminals in the 31st Century and what they have been doing, their charges and so on.  He provides advice to the Timerangers on how to handle their current mission which makes him a symbol of wisdom.  In Greek mythology, Athena the goddess of wisdom also has pet owl.

Now what about the owl's symb…