My Dream Super Sentai Themes and Concepts

So ThatChick has written this post about Sentai themes she thinks would be awesome and so I'll respond to it with my own list of Sentai themes that I wanted but were not in the list.  I wanted to write this post and I'll respond to that one with this post.  I'm even thinking that the latest Sentai news just sucks, again it's a pre-conceived bias because I'm probably almost 30 or what... or is the story just that boring?!  Still can't tell but here's my response to That Chick's entry of Sentai themes I want to see:

My ideas that weren't in ThatChick's list:

After watching Akibaranger, why can't we create an official team of five Otakus?  Now considering this one could be a real comedy Super Sentai... it will require a good writer like Naruhisa Arakawa to time the comedy.  So my concept for this one involves a villain based on myself called Dr. Sean who is a mad genius who is determined to take over the world by corrupting the otaku culture with his brand of convoluted plans.  He launches one crazy attempt to make a "film masterpiece" after the other.  Fortunately his one time friend Dr. Minami (also based on me) decides to counter Dr. Sean's insane schemes by gathering five Otakus who are powered by their love for Otaku to stop this mad director from launching his crazy antics against innocent civilians.  Along the way, they use their knowledge of Super Sentai to save the day!  Its name will be Entertainment Taskforce Otakuranger!

Another would be based on fairy tales as a motif.  While ThatChick has mentioned time travel (and I also had that in mind too)... why not fairy tales?  Not just Japanese fairy tales but also other fairy tales?  Now Eto Ranger was a group of 12 that deployed a group of five to finish a mission.  Now I'll probably just have a group starting with the first five signs of the Zodiac while other Zodiac signs from the Chinese zodiac are used.  In my own concept, the villains are messing up different stories and must be stopped before all of reality is destroyed.  Its name will be Fairy Tale Sentai Fantasger.

Mutant-themed Sentai... well Time Force did have its human vs. mutant war and Faiz had its' human vs. Orphnoch war.  Now I'd like to see a mutant vs. mutant team in Super Sentai.  Make the Super Sentai heroes like the X-Men and the villains similar to the Brotherhood of Mutants.  My ideas also run with the idea that humans are persecuting mutants and this bigotry gave birth to two enemy factions... one a gangster similar to Ransik's views called the Organization of Mutants and the other, the Anti-Mutant League led by a mutant hater.  It will be called Superhuman Taskforce Mutantger.

Themes I'd like to repeat with modifications:

The bird themes from Jetman with some modifications.  I wouldn't mind having a "Jetman Remake" but I'll add some twists to it.  These five bird-themed heroes are adventures (like the Boukengers) and must battle the evil people from the Negative Dimension who strive power against each other (like the Vyram).  In their quest, they seek this "Great Power" that can alter the world for the better or for the worse, while they battle the Negative Dimension's bid for power against each other. Then again, how do you insert multiple bird-type mecha into this kind of show?  Hmmm.... I'll probably name it Flying Taskforce Birdranger.

Computers but this time, not ran by teenagers with attitude but by a group of programmers.  In my own idea, five computer programmers got chosen to defend the world from cyber criminal activities (no not the way President Nobita defines cybercrime).  Their battles will switch in between the real world and the digital world as these monsters cause problems to daily cybernetic activities.  The five programmers were chosen by a master programmer who seeks to stop a powerful cyber mafia from controlling the world's computers.  I'll call it Programming Taskforce Cyberger.

Or we can have a purely military themed Sentai.  Changeman and Ohranger were military based but they were fighting aliens.  What if it was military vs. military?  LIke for example, the Super Sentai team like the Changeman are all badass soldiers in their own right... suddenly they must battle an evil military organization determined to take over the world through the use of corrupt science?  So let's make Jetman, Changeman and Ohranger concepts into it?  I'll call it Military Taskforce Battleger.

I'll update this list when I can!


  1. //Sentai fan fic//

    Kaijin Sentai Mazokunger - Sentai equivalent to Kiva, minus the bad comedy. A bit like your Mutant Sentai idea, but the monster hunters would be represented by a Rival Sentai team which is a clear expy of Iscariot from Hellsing. Plus the Mazokungers would fight rogue monsters who threaten the balance of Mazoku and Humanity.

    Reformed Criminal Sentai - Basically take a bunch of Evil Senshi or the human villains from Sentai along with evil cyborgs and force them to be the heroic Sentai, but overtime, they come genuinely like their roles as heroes.

    The motif would be demons, but used as a sense of duality.

    Ryuki-styled Sentai series - It's high time that time happened. Except it would be like Dairanger, but taking place in a ever-spanning tournament. It would be best written by Gen Urobuchi.

    Kaiju Sentai - It would be like Go-Busters, but replace them with Kaiju like the Ultra Kaiju or Godzilla and his rogues gallery. However, it would use genetic manipulation instead. Plus taking out the oddball humor.

    Wild West Sentai - hey, why not? We got Ninjas (2 times), Pirates, Samurais, Angels, Police Officers. I don't see how a Wild West Sentai couldn't hurt.

    However, make the villain be brutal as The Governor from The Walking Dead.

  2. You just heard already, 2015 Sentai is called Shuriken Sentai Niningers.
    I think you can figure out the theme by now and 3 is the charm.

  3. i probably name the birds sentai theme as skyranger...and my dream of mega fauna/prehistoric animals as smilodon,mamoth,glyptodon etc..not include the dinosaurs as sentai theme will happen in the futre

    1. Skyranger was also the Tagalog dub name for Space Sheriff... and Gavan was known as Skyranger Gavan in that horrible Tagalog dub!


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