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Kyuranger 16: Am I My Brother Stinger's Keeper?

This week's Kyuranger is a deviation from the fun time we had last week. No matter how lighthearted most post-Timeranger Super Sentai are but we do get some serious moments. Even the comedic Carranger and Go-onger has their share of serious moments. This episode of Kyuranger starts to make me like Scorpio as my current favorite villain of the series. 
Scorpio shows how much of an actor he is. So he does pretend to want to destroy Jark Matter to save the Universe but he has other agendas. He stings Madako and we know that she can feign it. Scorpio plays with Stinger's feelings creating a well-thought trap. I don't think I'll miss Ikagen now that Scorpio is doing such a magnificent job in the conflict. 
What's predictable (or not) is that he dramatized everything. Stinging Madoka was all but a part of his plan to fool his younger brother. He has plans to overthrow his master Don Armage. I wonder how will this play into the series. I think Don Armage may have a back-…

My Thoughts On Geki Jumonji/Second Gavan And Banban Akaza/Deka Red's Upcoming Appearance In Kyuranger Episode 18

From the Tokusatsu News Network here's the synopsis of the upcoming Kyuranger episode which will air on June 11, 2017:

Madakko has stolen the Pyxis Kyutama and arrived at a different part of space through a blackhole. The Kyurangers follow but they are encountered by Geki and Ban who, unaware of the situation, arrest the heroes on illegal space travel charges. We will see the encounter of commanders Sho Ronpo and Doggy Krueger as well as the latter’s encounter with Garu, his inter-series brother (?). The episode will also feature team-ups by Lucky/ShishiRed and Ban as well as Naga/HebitsukaiSilver. Ishigaki will show his own skills in scenes before transforming.

What do I think of the upcoming crossover? I'm actually excited to see what's going to link itself to the upcoming Gavan vs. Dekaranger film. I still like Dekaranger that much and I still can't forget how I watched Gavan as a child. I still can't forget how I enjoy Dekaranger's police-based theme and ho…

Was Flashman Originally Going To Be Called Gingaman?

If there's the Power Rangers snob rumor mill then there should be the Super Sentai snob rumor mill. Then again they're not the only rumor mills in the Tokusatsu community. There's the possibility that somebody right now who likes both Super Sentai and Power Rangers prefers Lost Galaxy over Gingaman. There was the now disproven rumor that Lost Galaxy is more popular than Gingaman in Japan. There might  be the rumor that Flashman was supposed to be named Gingaman. There's really no proof and maybe this is really far from believable. With Kyuranger being space-themed and a possible Gingaman DVD release is coming soon I decided to write this speculative entry.

The plot of Flashman was where five children were kidnapped by Alien Hunters. The spaceship crashed and the five babies grew up in another solar system or some distant "lost galaxy". They were trained on Planet Flash and its four satellites. That alone could have probably given it a better justification to…

My Thoughts On Naruhisa Arakawa Writing Two Episodes For Ucchu Sentai Kyuranger

I just read from UkiyaSeed that episodes 17 and 18 of Kyuranger will be written by Naruhisa Arakawa.  Both episodes are to be aired on June 4 and June 11.

As much as I suggested that Arakawa should've been ToQGer's head writer but I also asked myself whether or not he's already heading towards the road to burnout. A lot of my favorite writers have hit burnout every now and then. What I could mention that writers who wrote blockbusters for Toei eventually undid themselves during their decline period. These writers I love to mention are Hirohisa Soda, Toshiki Inoue and Yasuko Kobayashi. I wonder how will he fare with writing two episodes. Will they still be great or will they end up showing that he's overworked?

So what's with Arakawa? I thought about how he wrote one episode in Kamen Rider Black where Bilgenia tried to crush Kotaro's faith in humanity. I like his Jetman episodes except for the Dryer Jigen one. His Dairanger episodes aren't exactly what I wa…

Kyuranger Space 15: It's Fun Time At The Beach Planet Vera... Or Not?!

This week's Kyuranger is too early for summer in Japan. Maybe, there's some environmental drive going on and this is what Kyuranger's next episode is. It's all about saving the oceans. One of Jark Matter's invaded colonies is the ocean planet of Vera. They're after the Vera Kyu Globe which may open up some mysteries of the Universe soon enough. 
The Kyurangers hope to take a swim only to get their hopes dashed. I guess the Jark Matter could care less about environmental concerns as long as they get profit. I'd like to tell their officers to try counting their money without breathing. But I wish that this scene were shot in Coron, Palawan to at least remind everyone that environment and economy should be done together.

The whole ocean planet is polluted no thanks to the invasion of the Jark Matter.  The new Daikan known as Goneshi is fooling everyone. He gets some offerings which are the fish of the planet. I guess this guy has never heard of conservative f…

My Forced Comparison Of Kagaku Sentai Dynaman With Michael Bay

Michael Bay would probably love Dynaman. There's some things that Dynaman and Bay's films would have in common. Here's my forced comparison just for the fun of doing it.

The overuse of explosions

Dynaman's overuse of explosions is really something for an 80s Super Sentai. It almost felt like that Bay directed it. I think it's only fitting for the show to have an overuse of explosions because of the "dyna". It's a dynamite-filled Super Sentai series.

The tendency to use fanservice and attractive females

Okay short shorts and short skirts aren't really new to Super Sentai. You already had that in Goranger. But it seems Dynaman has some fanservice with not just Rei Tachibana but also with Princess Chimera. Episode 20 featured a bikini battle between Rei and Chimera. Episode 29 features a sexy scene with Chimera bathing and her armor getting stolen. Should I mention Zenobia is also pretty attractive?

For the love of awkward designs

If Bay didn't use …

Go-Busters Should Have Been A Doomsday Super Sentai

Power Rangers RPM's rather unique plot had potential in its setting as a doomsday season. I don't even feel like comparing my preference of Go-onger over RPM because it's pretty much apples vs. oranges. If anything, I could end up saying that I have good reasons to choose Go-Busters over RPM because of the similarities. I remember how excited I was to think how Power Rangers RPM's concept could have been used in Super Sentai but I feel like it wasn't all that good either. I wish that Go-Busters were a doomsday Super Sentai but it turned out not to be it. Considering it's the 5th anniversary of Go-Busters so I feel like writing this entry.

What I wish happened was that the December 24 incident would have caused something catastrophic. The Messiah virus was born on that date and years later, it would leak infecting the whole world. If RPM had the dome city of Corinth, then Super Sentai could have the dome city of Tokyo or maybe Akihabara. It could be better if a…

Ten Ways Super Sentai Tells To Screw Logic, Sit Down And Enjoy The Show

Super Sentai has been enjoyed for several years by different generations of fans. I thought about a number of stuff to how Super Sentai tells you to screw logic, sit down and just enjoy the show because it's plain fiction. Here we go:

Teenagers or even children get mixed into the team at times

Super Sentai has some instances teenagers do get involved. If we had teams of teenagers with attitude with Turboranger and Megaranger then we had some instances a teenager got mixed into a team of adults. We have child rangers with Kou from Dairanger, Riki from Turboranger and lately Kotaro from Kyuranger. We have teenagers mixed into a team of adults like Akira from Maskman, Ako from Jetman, Tsurihime from Kakuranger, Kai and Sae from Gaoranger, Chiaki and Kotoha from Shinkenger, and Fuuka Igasaki from Ninninger. Should I mention that the ToQGers are but children trapped in the bodies of adults?

Giant robot monster battles happen a lot yet the Japan isn't destroyed

So how do we have giant…

Kyuranger 14: Urashima Taro In Space

It's time for a wacky episode. The episode was written by Kento Shimoyama and I'm personally more impressed with him now. I can't forget how Ninninger can be boring but some people don't succeed the first time. My feeling towards Shimoyama is like how I feel towards the Super Hero Taisen series. First movie was really a disaster but succeeding movies manage to fix what's broken. Let's get down to business shall we? 
Garu feels he's so unlucky. I guess it's only normal that your fellow teammate can feel down. I enjoyed how it comes to full circle. It's Garu who snapped Lucky out of his pessimism. Now it's Lucky's turn to return the favor. 
The plan is to invade Space Ryugu Castle. This isn't the first time Urashima Taro got featured in Super Sentai. Do you remember the 17th episode in Bioman where Monster and Juuoh were tasked to find the descendant of Urashima Taro? There was also the 18th episode in Gavan when Hunter Killer planned to …

Five Reasons Why I Prefer Dekaranger Over Power Rangers SPD

Some people prefer Power Rangers SPD over Dekaranger for personal reasons. It can't be denied that Power Rangers SPD got dubbed in Japan by the Dekaranger cast. Maybe some think that SPD is a one-shot wonder by Bruce Kalish. Allow me to share my personal opinion on why I prefer Dekaranger over SPD. After writing about why I prefer Abaranger over Dino Thunder I decided to write this post.

Better main cast of characters

SPD has good acting but the use of Hannah Montana acting on Syd (I'm glad Miley Cyrus didn't land on that part!) is something. What I don't like about SPD is the main cast. Some of these characters are like Jack (and I prefer the hothead idiot Ban over him), Sky (especially with how he tends to think too highly of himself early on) and Syd doesn't even look like she could last there. I thought that SPD could have worked it out like if Sky were less arrogant (while him admitting his own arrogance in some flashbacks before he became part of B-Squad) or …