Ten Ways Super Sentai Tells To Screw Logic, Sit Down And Enjoy The Show

Super Sentai has been enjoyed for several years by different generations of fans. I thought about a number of stuff to how Super Sentai tells you to screw logic, sit down and just enjoy the show because it's plain fiction. Here we go:

Teenagers or even children get mixed into the team at times

Super Sentai has some instances teenagers do get involved. If we had teams of teenagers with attitude with Turboranger and Megaranger then we had some instances a teenager got mixed into a team of adults. We have child rangers with Kou from Dairanger, Riki from Turboranger and lately Kotaro from Kyuranger. We have teenagers mixed into a team of adults like Akira from Maskman, Ako from Jetman, Tsurihime from Kakuranger, Kai and Sae from Gaoranger, Chiaki and Kotoha from Shinkenger, and Fuuka Igasaki from Ninninger. Should I mention that the ToQGers are but children trapped in the bodies of adults?

Giant robot monster battles happen a lot yet the Japan isn't destroyed

So how do we have giant robot battles almost every week and Japan still stands? So why aren't people getting flattened every time there's a giant robot battle? What about getting stuck in traffic? It's a good thing that GoGoFive and Dekaranger does try to add more sense when they organize evacuation procedures. Most of the time, you can just assume that the Super Sentai team have the cooperation of Japanese authorities to get people ready in case there's a giant monster attacking the city. You know how disaster responsive Japan is so it's not too much of a problem.

You need a complete team to defeat just one monster almost all the time

I always find it funny how the monster of the week has the strength of five people or how you need a complete team to defeat one monster. It does look unfair at first but those monsters are a lot stronger than usual. I couldn't forget instances like how the Bioman team was weakened when Mika died or how the Jetmen needed to be complete to save the day. I guess this is meant to address the lesson that there's strength in unity. In real life, just think that you sometimes need a team of policemen just to apprehend one criminal.

Super Sentai teams usually don't bother to deal with the monster-enlarging agent whenever one is present or find a way to prevent giant monster battles

This one always bugs me. In Jetman, why don't they find a way to stop the Dimensional or later Bio Dimensional beasts' hosts from auto-enlarging? In Turboranger, why don't they stop the enemy general from enlarging the fallen Bouma monster? There are also monster-enlarging agents so why didn't the Changeman finish Gyodai off, the Maskmen finish Okerampa off or the Livemen finish Guardnoid Gash off? Well screw logic. We certainly want to sell more mecha toys don't we? So if the heroes decided to destroy the monster-enlarging agent or prevent the monsters from enlarging then what's the use of selling more toys?

Military and police tends to be useless at times unless they're the ones that own the Super Sentai team of the year

Some Super Sentai series are military or police themed like Goranger, JAKQ, Battle Fever J, Sun Vulcan, Changeman, Jetman, Ohranger, Timeranger, Dekaranger, Go-Busters and the recent Kyuranger. If the Super Sentai isn't military themed or police themed then the military and police are useless against the invading force unless if they possess technology greater than what the Japanese defense force offers in real life. The military and police are still useful in their regular jobs in non-military themed Super Sentai seasons but they are almost useless against Tokusatsu villains. It reminds me of the finale arc of Kamen Rider Black RX where the military tried to stop Gransaurus with ordinary machine guns never mind that they couldn't even stop Gorgom in Kamen Rider Black with the same weapons.

One stupid plan fails then it's time to think of yet another stupid plan for world domination

This is really one thing that explains why the bad guys lose most of the time. It's almost like they're having Dr. Evil as their evil consultant with how to take over the world. If the first stupid evil plan fails then they move to another evil plan that's sure to fail again one way or another. These evil plans cause harm but you can't deny how these villains just don't make getting rid of the Super Sentai warriors their first priority. What's good for the heroes and bad for the villains is that Scott Evil villains are a hard find in Super Sentai. I even gave a thought to why the villains never come up with something like killing the rangers while they're in the toilet or in the shower. I guess it's the fact most of them are so stupid that keeps the show running.

The continuity approach in some seasons can be very inconsistent

Super Sentai tends to have issues with how to deal with continuity. It's understood that most Super Sentai seasons are meant to be standalone series. But some Super Sentai seasons tend to act like as if everything is in a single timeline instead of using a Tokusatsu multiverse. VS. Movies tend to take place outside the series continuity in the form of a movie. But what's happening is that crossovers are now happening within series proper. Shinkenger had glimpses of Kamen Rider Decade within its series continuity. Gokaiger fits all 34 Super Sentai series and they became guest stars in the crossover with Zyuohger. Ninninger had a couple of guest stars in-series such as Sasuke/Ninja Red, Yousuke Shina/Hurricane Red and even the Metal Hero Jiraiya. But many times it's already hinted that most Super Sentai seasons as well as most Kamen Rider seasons tend to be standalone seasons.

In Gokaiger and some other non-standalone Super Sentai series, it seems like past teams just don't bother to help at all

While Super Sentai has an explanation to why in a lot of previous seasons because Super Sentai seasons tend to be standalone but one could wonder why in some cases. JAKQ vs. Goranger was a good example. One could ask why didn't the Gorangers help JAKQ until later? In Gokaiger, the Legend War was fought so in Gokaiger's continuity why didn't the past teams help before Gokaiger came? Some teams that still have their powers aren't helping. I guess most of the rangers have returned to their civilian lives and won't bother helping unless absolutely necessary.

Sixth rangers have become more and more mainstream ever since Burai came

Sixth rangers were getting experimented upon during the 80s. Bioman had the Magne Warrior and Maskman has X-1 Mask as sixth ranger prototypes. It seems that ever since Burai from Zyuranger became so popular more and more sixth rangers got into demand. I think some fans felt like Burai was the reason why Zyuranger didn't crash so hard. Only a few seasons ever don't feature a sixth ranger like GoGoFive (because of the name), Kakuranger (Ninjaman was an extra hero) and Carranger (same goes for Signalman). Most of the time sixth rangers are now mainstream. As much as some of my top favorites from some shows are the sixth rangers (ex. Burai, Eiji Takaoka) but I tend to prefer rangers from the main team. It's all about toys right?

So why are we still making role calls when the final battle for the day happens?

This one really makes me laugh. So why are we always having the repeated role call? I guess this is theatrics or something. When it's time to conclude the fight it's time to do a role call before the fight happens. So what's the point in making the role call? It's just so funny but I guess it's a colorful way of reminding villains that we're still going to kick your ass no matter what. But I guess no Super Sentai is ever complete without these role calls huh?


With this in mind, just sit back, relax and enjoy Super Sentai while you learn some important life lessons. These ten factors keep the show going so you can at least have some fun. Just remember that Super Sentai may have some really weird stuff going on but it's definitely way better than watching those idiotic teleseryes.


  1. For the roll call, as far as I know, it was supposedly taken from samurais in which, as far I know, they would announce their names to each other before engaging in a duel.

    And as for the enlargement of the MOTW, I only find Shinkenger's and ToQGer's the most sensible. Whereas for most Sentai, they can, logically, either destroy the enlarging agent (as pointed out here) or the corpse of the MOTW; in Shinkenger and ToQGer, they really have no choice but to do the mecha fight as the MOTW will automatically enlarge (with no external intervention whatsoever) after it dies the first time.

    But yeah, toku shows may look dumb, silly, and stupid, but at least, unlike telebasuras, they do not make their audiences literally dumb, silly, and stupid.

  2. For the team needed to be complete to defeat a monster most the time one ranger is enough but this isn't Kamen Rider, so they need a full team.


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