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Zyuohger 39: Huge Calories And A Lover?!

I don't care if Zyuohger's ratings have hit low but I like the season. Okay, you know I'm getting irritated by Misao but the rest of the Zyuohgers are pretty good. So here's a bit of the summary. Sela falls for a guy who's played by Hiroaki Iwanaga. If you don't know him he was a regular character in Kamen Rider OOO as Akira and he was also playing the second Shaider.

Was 1993 Also A "Toei's Champion Year" At Least For Shallow Minded Fanboys?

After writing on the champion years post for Tokusatsu post, I included 1993 as one of those champion years for Toei's brand of Tokusatsu. Toei released its huge hit Gosei Sentai Dairanger. On August 31 1993 we saw Toei make its triumphant entry to the American market with Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers with the help of Saban Entertainment. It was a champion year for Tokusatsu with more toy sales in both the Asian and American market. But I'd also call 1993 as a champion year for shallow minded fanboys!

Zyuohger 38: Learning More About The Brutal History Of Zyuland!

Last week, we saw the return of Bard who has actually saved Yamato as a child and decided to save him as an adult. The Bardman stole the Champion Symbol but there's a reason which I find to be very intriguing. While it looked like he was just a petty thief but there's more than meets the eye.

Hurricanger's A Bizarre Combination Of Liveman And Kakuranger!

It's official. I've already added Ninpuu Sentai Hurricanger to my list of Super Sentai I've watched from start to end. I remembered how I used to think it's somewhat similar to Liveman with the whole three plus two formula. So what do I think of the show? It's actually one of my favorites though I'm afraid that it might enter into the ranks of shows like Shinkenger or Gokaiger... shows that just get too much credit by the fanbase. Let's get started shall we? Just expect me to get so unfair with full mode rage bashing right now so proceed with caution.

Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Zyuohger 37: The Birdman Returneth!

The mysterious Bird Zyuman is back after a hiatus of several episodes (didn't bother to count). I guess getting rid of Bangray was meant to make way for the Birdman but I thought it could be interesting to have Bangray hang around a little bit more. But I guess producers have no idea on what to do with him plus ratings have been slipping bad for Super Sentai.

My Picks For Top Ten Super Sentai Red Rangers

Due to WatchMojo's choice for top ten red rangers, I've chosen my own list. for Super Sentai Remember, this is my personal opinion so feel free to disagree. Here's my current top pick for favorite red rangers from bottom to top. If you have your list feel free to write your reasons down.

Taking A U-Turn From Super Sentai Then Returning Back To the Franchise

Most of Super Sentai's run featured a lot of good seasons. If I'm going to compare it to food, there's been more delicious servings than non-delicious servings. But as of late, the latest servings don't click with me like it did before. Super Sentai may get better or worse depending on who's in charge. Next year may be better and next year may be worse. As the franchise has already reached up to 40 seasons and it's Toei's longest running Tokusatsu series with no breaks since Battle Fever J's debut (two years after the less popular JAKQ ended). The franchise has been there for so long that it's already suffered from brand fatigue (ex. Fiveman back in the 90s) every now and then. A yearly release happens because of the demand for the series. With or without its Americanized counterpart Power Rangers there was always a yearly release for Super Sentai.

Super Sentai really requires a lot of innovative changes to keep it going and not all of them work im…

Sentai DVD Rambling Part 4: Shifting Into Turbo For The Next Super Sentai DVD Release?

Knowing that Ohranger now has an official DVD, we know that DVD release of Carranger is coming. So it's time for another crazy rant. Okay, I like Carranger better than Turboranger but I could talk about a possible shift. When I'm talking about shifting into Turboranger, I'm not talking about Power Rangers Turbo but rather, which show will we go for? Will it be Turboranger or Carranger? Let's do some comparisons with both shows that use car magic to fight evil.

My Thoughts On Hurricanger In 26 Episodes

While I won't be doing my "My thoughts on Zyuohger in X episodes..." due to the weekly updates (And I wonder why the show's not clicking?!), I'm now thinking about writing this one after I wrote one for GoGoV and Ninninger. I won't do any weekly updates (and maybe I'll drop doing episode reviews for now, other fellow bloggers or critics just keep beating me to it) on this one considering I've been watching this at my own pace (which is an advantage when I'm watching older seasons). Without much ado, I'll give my thoughts on this series.

As usual, beware of spoilers.

Sentai Rambling: Why Writing Quality Still Matters!

It's nice to have cool special effects, fight scenes, new bunch of toys and they definitely are part of the innovative mix. What some may forget is that good story writing still matters for Super Sentai. It doesn't matter if it's a comedy, a well-balanced show or darker and edgier when you've got good writing. It's not about whether or not this Super Sentai season is old school or new school. It's also all about having a good writer to back up the series' concepts. I'm just writing this since there's no Super Hero Time this week. At the same time, I acknowledge that story writing is no easy walk in the park as I thought it was.

Super Sentai Series That May Have Aired During A "Champion Year For Toei's Tokusatsu"

I got this idea from Shogo B'Stard's blog though my views can be very different from his. For instance, I'm actually a fan of Hurricanger and Boukenger and he's not. I can agree with a few things he says positive about Power Rangers Time Force but I prefer Timeranger in spite of all the weaknesses he pointed out. Is this year a champion year for Toei's Tokusatsu? I don't think so considering that Zyuohger really has hit low (but I'm still a fan) though Kamen Rider EX-AID is a pretty interesting show. I don't know how Kamen Rider Ghost fared but I think I'll give it a rewatch.

So what are my picks for Super Sentai shows that aired during what I might call as a champion year for Toei? That happens when Toei either offers better servings than usual for more than one season or they manage to hit big with their respective targets. It may also be considered as the time of the year when there's more than one major hit going on. So let's get moving…