Zyuohger 37: The Birdman Returneth!

The mysterious Bird Zyuman is back after a hiatus of several episodes (didn't bother to count). I guess getting rid of Bangray was meant to make way for the Birdman but I thought it could be interesting to have Bangray hang around a little bit more. But I guess producers have no idea on what to do with him plus ratings have been slipping bad for Super Sentai. 

The episode features the Zagweer Brothers where there were four in total. It's really something to get stuck with the Double Dutch jumping rope game. After Misao goes so whiny (again, please stop), I really like how he managed to gain confidence and get rid of the ropes before the game could start all over again.

The huge champion symbol was actually Cube Octopus. So what's going on? Attempting to sell more toys to make up for ratings? The real problem right now could be that Super Sentai is facing some competition with the resurgence of Pokemon in Japan. The new combination isn't anything impressive either.

Next week, we'll see a double battle of both Yamato and the Bird Zyuman. I wonder how it'll turn out to be.


  1. I just like how they do a intro appetizer that leads to a cliff hanger. Bud comes back and rescues Yamato and morphs into ZyuOh Bird. Since Dekaranger broke the 6 limit wall 16 years ago. Having another 7 is TOEI's way of raising the viewership or merchandising.
    What is so in impressive of ZyuOh Bird is the tone of Orange which is too identical to Red and I thought they where the same character and suit. Also re coloring or kit bashing is a common budgeted practice in TOEI. The first sign of this was Kamen Rider 2(Nigou) same suit with different colors, In Spielban, his sister would join the fight and would sport the exact suit as Lady Diana!!!!

    To the point, PLEX should just have design something that was a bit distinctive like giving Bud a cape too!


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