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My Wild Mass Guesses on Dairanger

Here are my wild mass guesses on one of my favorite series, Dairanger:

For Ryou's lineage, I guess his sister Youko (who is not later seen and I assume she was probably living on normally while he does all the fighting) must also possess the right to chi energy.  So I guess if Ryou were disabled or not well, his sister Youko could take over his position.

For Kou, I just thought that Noboru Sugimura's love for children may have resulted in the creation of the kid ranger.  Also, it seems to be that the power of the Daos apparently gives child warriors the ability to grow tall when in suit. =P

I was disturbed about Zydos' crumbling into dust instead of exploding or dying in an ordinary way.  It's never specified to what happened to the real Zydos or whether or not it was an extension body.

What Could Be the Purpose of Maria's Death in Jetman

Yup here's a lot of tearjerker building up working towards the Jetman finale.  I had my thoughts on why Toshiki Inoue decided to kill Maria and what could be the reason.  So here's what I think...

Perhaps it was to be made clear that Radiguet wasn't somebody you can easily mess with.  I mean after all, she did foolishly try to kill Radiguet which she thought was the only thing she can do to atone for all the evil she did while she was Maria.  I really thought that Radiguet showed just how brutal he can be with "If I can't have you, nobody will." So yeah, maybe it's to intensify the Ryu/Radiguet rivalry aside from her wanting to atone for all she did while she was brainwashed and crazy.  Come on, does she have to indulge in so much self pity?

My thoughts also went to Rie asking Ryu to forget all about her, to erase her from his heart.  Maybe it was to help Ryu move on and develop or what?  For me, Ryu was too stuck with Rie that it nearly killed him when …

Was the Ryu/Kaori Wedding in Jetman Just Totally Random?

I was reading from B'Stard's blog "Them's Fighting Words" about Toshiki Inoue not being good in finales which I agree considering how stupid Faiz's finale really was.  I agree but I would really want to write a defense that even of Ryu and Kaori may not exactly be the best way to end Jetman with a wedding since we could have had Satsuki and Raita instead while the others watch BUT it's definitely not as screwed up as this finale from Kamen Rider Kiva...

Hee hee, sorry if I had to post this but this picture cracks me up!  Moving on...

Well what makes the situation complicated in the development is this.  Kaori likes Ryu (she never liked that stupid fiance of hers anyway) while Ryu is still loving a shadow in Rie who he doesn't realize is Maria while Gai Yuki likes Kaori.  So complex that it's a love dodecahedron?  Talk about how everything goes when Kaori falls for Gai Yuki eventually (but they broke up and still remained friends) while in another…

Gai Yuki's Death

Well after I've done some entries related to Gai Yuki we do have the bitter fact that we are left with a really so random death.  In fact, we do have the issue that some argued he didn't die (and I was on that side) while others said he did die.  The Manga stated he died but it contradicted the events to the Jetman Encyclopedia which also stated that he died.

Why it wasn't so easily acceptable to fans that he died was because it seemed very, very pointless to just kill him that way and the Jetmen didn't notice he was dying.  Sheesh talk about a stupid way to wrap up an otherwise great series!  Okay I can understand that Super Sentai DOES NOT have the superhero invincibility thing going on even if nobody dies.  In fact, we've seen heroes before him die like Daigorou, Kensaku Shiraishi and Mika Koizumi die ahead of him in BATTLE but this one was too different a case.  In fact, I had a hard time accepting he died because of how he died.  I could care less if he died…

Sentai Villains That Died in a One-on-One Confrontation with Various Sentai Rangers

Here's a list of various villains that died on a one-on-one confrontation with various Sentai Rangers. Missed any? Comment! They are:

Buuba - Changeman featured the final battle between Change Dragon and Buuba. So Buuba chose to die on Earth rather than let Gozma face him. What better way to do so than to fight his rival Change Dragon to the last?What's so awesome about Buuba is that he not only rejected Gozma's cowardly ways but got to die at the hands of the strong plus he restored Shiima to her true self.

Ley Wanda - He was killed by Red Flash in a one on one duel, this is one of Fantasy Leader's favorite duels of all time.

Baraba - In Maskman 48, after being pressured by Zeba to defeat the Maskmen or never return, he was eventually killed by Red Mask in a final duel after Oyobur refused to help him.

Jarmin - In episode 29, Jarmin was defeated by Black Turbo together with her monster Kuroko Bouma to whatever happened to one, happened to the other. Before she died, s…

Some Things I'd Like to Return in Super Sentai

As a Super Sentai fan, I felt like there are times I switch in between Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, Chinese wuxia drama and Japanese drama.  But I'd like to see these things return in Super Sentai:

Not having an extra ranger.  Extra rangers are fine but sometimes, I feel like extra rangers get too overrated since the arrival of my favorite Zyuranger, Burai.  It would be nice to have some old school five-man team through and through.

I would really want a third team composing of teenagers to save the world again.

To be honest, I think most Super Sentai villains lack scariness.  Basco was a refresher for some but he wasn't really that scary, he was more of the cool villain who's an annoying troll to the Gokaigers BUT he really lacks the scary factors that villains like Radiguet possess.  Villains like Zeba, Radiguet and Shaddam should make a return to Super Sentai somehow... that is real complete monsters.

Or perhaps heavy drama build up like that of Igam's "I'l…

Villainous Fathers In Super Sentai

Well we should credit them as well huh? Happy father's day everyone!

Emperor Aton is the father of Prince Megiddo. He really didn't care much about his son which led to his downfall.

Doctor Man has a biological son named Shuichi and an artificial son called Prince who the audience may have thought was a human being at first. He struggled between his taking over the world and his son who cares about him very much.

Gator in Changeman had a family. So glad he was able to reunite with them in the end after he betrayed Bazoo and became good.

Shaddam is the father of Kou and Akomaru and a terrible one at it. Really he would even rival his own sons just to get power? How much of a damnable guy is this guy? =(

Super Sentai Rangers Whose Fathers Were Mentioned Or Appeared

Since it's father's day today I would like to mention these rangers whose fathers appeared.  If I missed any, please do comment:

Futoshi Kijima/Goggle Yellow's estranged father appeared in episode 13.

Shiro Gou/Red One's father was first seen in episodes 43-44 but it wasn't figured out but we do get a hint. Later, the mysterious man is revealed to be his father who is also Dr. Man's former friend.

Sara Tokimura/Yellow Flash's father appeared late in the series. Too bad she could not stay home to be reunited with her family. Tears.

Super Sentai Rangers Who Became Fathers On-Screen (Specials Included)

So far here are the Sentai rangers who became fathers onscreen for this Father's Day 2013.  Sadly mine is gone. =(

Ryu Tendo- After the war with Vyram, three years later he married Kaori.  According to the Jetman Encyclopedia, he and Kaori had a son they named Gai, after their late friend Gai Yuki which dismisses the Jetman Manga epilogue while verifying Gai Yuki's death.  So I wonder how Gai Yuki reacted to that in the afterlife? XD

Domon- He became a father at the end of Timeranger with Honami at the end of Timeranger and this was also later seen in Gokaiger. =P

Ryouga Hakua- Not exactly that he became a father but he is a father figure to his niece Mai. =P

Asuka- He is the father of Rije and then after recovering his wife Mahoro from her brainwashed and crazy state, had other unnamed children by her.

My Thoughts on Dairanger 20 Years After...

Well this is a 20 year reunion of sorts that has Keiichi Wada, Natsuki Takahashi, Ei Hamura, Tatsuya Nomi, Keisuke Tsuchiya and Hisashi Sakai.  I got this picture from Orends Range.  My thoughts?  Well it's been some time and time flew so fast like yesterday, both Hisashi Sakai and Blake Foster were still the child rangers they were in their respective shows and both are grown up as shown in this picture.  Just made me wonder who married who in Dairanger's cast... since I've heard Natsuki Takahashi is currently married I wish to see her family picture as well as the others.  Other than that, any 90s Sentai fan would LOVE this reunion.  Then again, in my celebrities blog I am so compelled to write about role analysis on the Dairangers maybe on Keiichi Wada or Natsuki Takahashi... but I really wish I could see pictures of their family lives =P

Maskman's Biggest Plothole IMO: The Rest of Princess Igam's Backstory

For Maskman, as much as I love the series I have this plothole issue with Igam herself.  So okay we do know why she was raised as a prince was because of the absence of a male heir (but they could have just forgotten about that whole male heir thing that is the family), however I had my thoughts while she masqueraded as a prince, it was her fierce loyalty to Zeba that bothered me too much since in the first place, Zeba usurped her parents' throne and KILLED them so why serve such a monster?  So if she was after restoring the Igam family honor, why is she serving Zeba who in the first place dethroned her parents?  It wasn't explained to why she serves Zeba so fiercely?

Was it possible that in the first place, she was really brainwashed by him as a child but it's never mentioned.  Also, it wasn't mentioned at what point did Zeba take over or how she became his fierce enforcer?  I mean, if she wanted to restore the Igam honor, why does she allow an imposter king like Ze…

Goggle V Revisited

I felt like I wanted to write this article.  Okay so I wonder if I have any mistakes here but I thought Goggle V deserves to be revisited.  Now for the article:

Well I am afraid this season is pretty underrated... despite it not really entering into my "amazing list" but still, I feel this is a must watch.  For me, I thought this whole season was filled wit concepts that would soon bring forth Super Sentai's newer ideas.  There's a little bit of a shout-out for me.  For example consider Goggle Red symbolizes Atlantis, Goggle Black symbolizes Asia, Goggle Blue symbolizes Egypt, Goggle Yellow symbolizes Lemuria and Goggle Pink symbolizes the Easter Island.  I thought that the whole show was laced with a lot of gymnastic style fighting which really makes the fight scenes fun to watch.

So any shout-outs referencing to Goggle V in later Super Sentai?  Here they are that I think do exist:

Kenichi Akama was an adventurer.  Did his character concept give birth to Satoru Akas…