What Could Be the Purpose of Maria's Death in Jetman

Yup here's a lot of tearjerker building up working towards the Jetman finale.  I had my thoughts on why Toshiki Inoue decided to kill Maria and what could be the reason.  So here's what I think...

Perhaps it was to be made clear that Radiguet wasn't somebody you can easily mess with.  I mean after all, she did foolishly try to kill Radiguet which she thought was the only thing she can do to atone for all the evil she did while she was Maria.  I really thought that Radiguet showed just how brutal he can be with "If I can't have you, nobody will." So yeah, maybe it's to intensify the Ryu/Radiguet rivalry aside from her wanting to atone for all she did while she was brainwashed and crazy.  Come on, does she have to indulge in so much self pity?

My thoughts also went to Rie asking Ryu to forget all about her, to erase her from his heart.  Maybe it was to help Ryu move on and develop or what?  For me, Ryu was too stuck with Rie that it nearly killed him when he discovered Rie and Maria were the same person.  Maybe it was time for him to move on and realize things can't be always the same.

Well maybe, it just might give some real drama to Ryu to his rivalry with Radiguet.  Maybe, or maybe just to make Ryu's flaws more obvious that he's human.  Whatever, but I thought that the death of Rie had so much of an impact on Ryu it really magnified he's just human after all.

Maybe just maybe it was to make room for the ending that Ryu and Kaori would eventually tie the knot to conclude who gets Kaori.  I dunno but this is all pretty much a Wild Mass Guess.


  1. Reguarding to Mari and anybody who was both brainwashed and controlled. She is not responsible for the evil she caused but being caring she did made a penance to her life.
    Ryu Tendo has been always a character lost in haze in love. Yes it would be a great spark to kill Radiguet but unlike Gai Yuki, he does not have what it takes to even take out Radiguet as we have seen before in the House of Horror episode.

    Mari/Maria has been a victim of a Love Triangle with Ryu, Grey and Radiguet. Guess the only way to walk out of it is death.

    If we can see outside of the box in episode 1, Mari was meant to be White Swan and it would fit too as she is way hotter then Kaori!!!!

  2. Rie's real name is Maho Maruyama I've been google her for the last 4 years but I can't find anything relevant about her...
    Wonder if she's still so beautiful!!!


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