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My Shifting Opinions On Chikyu Sentai Fiveman

Fiveman makes me feel like a kid. I remembered the cool opening and ending song. I watched it on ABC-5 before it became TV-5 when I was a child. I had no idea who or what were behind Super Sentai until way later in life. Then I started seeing fan subs and learned more about Super Sentai. I even learned from Tokusatsu News Network that Fiveman nearly cancelled Super Sentai and Jetman became a smashing success. Hirohisa Soda was overworked since Turboranger and Fiveman was where he had no idea on what to do anymore with the 90s.

How have my feelings shifted? It's after seeing a lot of shows before Fiveman and after Fiveman. One of these shows where my feelings for Fiveman changed is towards Chikyu Sentai GoGoFive. I watched GoGoFive and thought it was an improved version of Fiveman in terms of writing. If it's not Fiveman it's when I started rewatching more of Hirohisa Soda's masterpieces such as Maskman, Changeman and Liveman. Those were pretty good shows. Fiveman itse…

I'm Feeling Excited And Nervous At The Same Time With Kyuranger's Latest Developments

Right now, I'm getting some excitement and nervousness after reading JEFusion's latest Kyuranger plot update (and I'm sharing their scans right now) which has me excited and nervous with the following:

Next month, after the team finally acquires the Cepheus, Perseus,Andromeda and Cassiopeia Kyutama, they will head straight to the headquarters of the Jark Matter Organization. There, they will fight the king of Southern Cross named Southern King (who is a homage to Goranger's Black Cross).

In the heat of the battle, the Kyurangers will face-off with the 3 vice-shoguns who were fused to become one being, Akyanchuga and Garu will be badly injured. Don Almage will reveal a secret to Tsurugi and Lucky will fight him once again.

I don't deny I'm enjoying Kyuranger and it's taking Super Sentai beyond the normal formula. We're not stuck on Earth anymore. Several times, the plot takes place in another planet which wasn't done in Super Sentai before. The plot …

Kyuranger 39: Adventure In The Perseus System

Okay, here's this week's Kyuranger and I feel like it's a weaker episode (again) then what's a good show without some weaker moments right? On the other hand, I still feel the bit of humor and a bit more about Professor Anton's past is revealed. 
I think about a bit of Dragon Quest reference. If you're a 90s kid you may have remembered watching the Dragon Quest Anime. I dunno if it's intentionally done that Lucky gets demoted in here into a witch of all characters. Stinger becomes oh so useless since all he could do is sing. Kotaro gets a chance to be the hero. Granted, Dai in the Dragon Quest Anime isn't an adult so there.

I dunno what to make about Anton Hakase's story. I personally couldn't find it funny nor scary. But there's a bit of interesting thing about him...

As a Jark Matter scientist, he does have some split personality problems. His solution was to transfer his evil self into a new computer program. I guess he's still tryin…

So Gaku Hoshikawa Plays Pog?

I remembered seeing Fiveman episode 33 dubbed in Tagalog back in the 90s. It was also back in that day when I played Pog and a lot of my Pog sets got confiscated by the teachers. A lot of Pogs were confiscated because they were study hazards. Sure, nothing wrong with owning Pogs but a school is a school, right? I think Gaku Hoshikawa would still confiscate them if he were my teacher. Anyway, let's move on to the episode shall we? 
This episode was full of laughs. Aside from Garoa's really huge colossal failure of incompletely combining both Galactic Beasts back to back it also featured the brains vs. brawn episode. The monster has tremendous strength and it could have ripped the whole world apart in that episode. Gaku finds his Menko cards as a child and decides to use them against this bizarre creature. The monster gets too obsessed with Menko since it's obsessed with flipping things. So how could the monster not budge a Menko card is beyond me but it was funny how it go…

Kyuranger 38: Are We Playing Takeshi's Castle In Another Planet?

This episode is sort of a fun clip show while it does make me go WTF again. Considering much could happen in 300 years since Tsurugi Ootori was asleep it's possible some planets are now occupied by other nationalities. Heck, who knows maybe Lucky's planet is occupied by Europeans and this new planet Atchaark may be occupied by the Chinese.
We learn that to break the shield, they need three new energy sources. The first will be from the Cepheus system, the Perseus system and the Cassiopeia system. Speaking of which, weren't Cepheus and Cassiopeia the names of the parents of Andromeda? Perseus is also the legendary hero who is the son of Zeus and Danae. The planet they land in is nothing like ancient Greece. Instead, it's CHINA. This also brings back some memories from Tsurugi's past battles. 
Don Armage is getting desperate since his main consciousness or whatever is hidden somewhere. We also see Madako getting rebuilt as a cyborg. So where did they even find her b…

Kyuranger 37: Yup, Lucky Is Lone Starr In Red Spandex

Most images were taken from Nihon Hero... except for the Spaceballs photo!
Last week was pretty much Spaceballs with Lucky's revelation that he was a prince. So how does this go to discover that his father is supposedly working for Jark Matter? Let's find out shall we? I find this episode to be a mixed bag especially I had high expectations due to a lot of good episodes.

We land in the Planet Cayenne which is now just a rubble. Fortunately, the Space Shogunate didn't destroy this planet. We discover Lucky's father King Aslan is now a dictator. This is really where I want to insert Luke Skywalker jokes. How does it turn out?

It's a shocker really. Lucky tries to appeal to his father... Luke Skywalker style although he's met him as a child. WTF is wrong with King Aslan? He would even kill his own son by his hand? I really felt nervous about this scene. Yet, we also see that Tsurugi has a theory of an imposter or the king was totally shifted to another person. Oka…

The Significant Difference Between Super Sentai And Power Rangers In Terms Of Innovative Thinking From 2011-2017

It's no secret that Power Rangers is already facing deep doo doo due to a lot of poor decision making. One of the worst things to happen is that the Power Rangers movie is really a downer at best (and it only serves as a good sleeping pill for me, nothing more) and Power Rangers Megafail. Super Sentai may be facing some issues right now but it's nowhere near as bad as what's happening to Power Rangers. Let's take time to think how both franchises handle innovative thinking.

Super Sentai seeking to go beyond even if it means facing momentary problems in order to reach success in the long run

I could talk about Super Sentai from 2011 to 2017. I don't deny that there's been a decline in TV ratings for some after Gokaiger but Toei just keeps having lots of money to produce new seasons. There's some problems during that time and I think it has to do with Internet TV. Cable TV in general is already declining thanks to Internet TV which may have affected Super Sen…

My Shifting Opinions On Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger

I admit, I got inspired by the fantastic Sentai Bandicoot on his entry on my personal favorite Chojin Sentai Jetman. In response, I thought I could reply with one series that I believe I have shifting opinions on and it's Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger. Yes, that show. Watching the show from start to end prior to the Shout! Factory release also put me into shifting opinions. Right now, I'd just want to focus on Zyuranger for being Zyuranger without bringing up too many comparisons with Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers due to the huge differences in both shows. Instead, I could bring up past and present Super Sentai seasons and where it stands.

I remembered watching the Zyuranger fan subs which were taken down due to the Shout! Factory release. At first, I thought that I was watching something cool then there were some plot issues. Although I am fascinated by its action scenes (and I still think it beats Abaranger in that department) but there's the weakness of the child of the …