I'm Feeling Excited And Nervous At The Same Time With Kyuranger's Latest Developments

Right now, I'm getting some excitement and nervousness after reading JEFusion's latest Kyuranger plot update (and I'm sharing their scans right now) which has me excited and nervous with the following:

Next month, after the team finally acquires the Cepheus, Perseus,Andromeda and Cassiopeia Kyutama, they will head straight to the headquarters of the Jark Matter Organization. There, they will fight the king of Southern Cross named Southern King (who is a homage to Goranger's Black Cross).

In the heat of the battle, the Kyurangers will face-off with the 3 vice-shoguns who were fused to become one being, Akyanchuga and Garu will be badly injured. Don Almage will reveal a secret to Tsurugi and Lucky will fight him once again.

I don't deny I'm enjoying Kyuranger and it's taking Super Sentai beyond the normal formula. We're not stuck on Earth anymore. Several times, the plot takes place in another planet which wasn't done in Super Sentai before. The plot isn't all too much like your regular monster of the week with some stupid plan for world domination. It's trying to take their Universe back. But right now, I'm left with a few concerns yet again.

We're seeing a bit of a homage to something that's already that old. Goranger was 1975 and we're in the late 2017. Shouldn't it be 42 years already? This new villain Southern Cross King appears. I hope that these episodes won't be a one shot. Will Southern Cross King appear to be the last final general and the fiercest of them all? I hope we get an action packed December with this guy.

There will be this strange combination of the three destroyed generals. Don Armage will fight again but it looks like everyone is wasting time fighting his body doubles. I think the whole idea of merging the three Vice Shoguns is just funny. I wonder how this battle will be handled. I suspect Professor Anton's evil personality has something to do with it. At the same time, another Don Armage decoy may be out there or we'll see something else.

I also want to think how will Lucky's plot as "Lone Star" be handled. I want to imagine him having to master the "Schwartz" in order for the whole team to defeat Don Armage. Maybe this "luck" he has is because of the Schwartz. On the other hand, I hope he doesn't end up grabbing attention again considering the series tends to be very red-centric. It would be a bad thing if and if he ends up hogging the finale. It would be good to have everyone join in the final battle to liberate their home planets. 

Meanwhile, I'd like to joke that Don Armage is actually President Skroob from Space Balls even if that's just plain impossible. I want to assume that Don Armage's tyranny is making the Crux System run out of air and Planesium to the point he has to conquer the entire Universe for air and Planesium. Maybe, the whole Crux System is falling because Don Armage is using its resources to achieve centuries of immortality. But what if for all this time, Don Armage was some wimpy guy in a tie who's gotten so drunk with power his head is so senile? This is just my wild guess but I think it'd be a good way to wrap up a fun series unless writers get too stressed with deadlines and hectic work loads. If that's the case, I hope they'll get a good Japanese comedian to finish the job. If they're planning to do so, I hope they can provide an explanation for the monster form that we kept seeing. 

All I can do right now is just to stay calm. If Kyuranger doesn't end too well I don't see any reason why I still can't like it after that. I could think of how I still like a lot of shows even if their finale arcs weren't exactly as well-written as some of their predecessors or successors. I know it's going to be a moment of suspense right now. But just a reminder - there will always be some setbacks, nothing's perfect but with every mistake in innovation is a chance to learn how to innovate for the better. I always keep in mind that innovation will never be a smooth road, it will have lots of obstacles but there's always something to learn along and not innovating at all is not a good idea.

See you all back on Earth as soon as the Universe is saved. Hehe.