Kyuranger 37: Yup, Lucky Is Lone Starr In Red Spandex

Most images were taken from Nihon Hero... except for the Spaceballs photo!

Last week was pretty much Spaceballs with Lucky's revelation that he was a prince. So how does this go to discover that his father is supposedly working for Jark Matter? Let's find out shall we? I find this episode to be a mixed bag especially I had high expectations due to a lot of good episodes.

We land in the Planet Cayenne which is now just a rubble. Fortunately, the Space Shogunate didn't destroy this planet. We discover Lucky's father King Aslan is now a dictator. This is really where I want to insert Luke Skywalker jokes. How does it turn out?

It's a shocker really. Lucky tries to appeal to his father... Luke Skywalker style although he's met him as a child. WTF is wrong with King Aslan? He would even kill his own son by his hand? I really felt nervous about this scene. Yet, we also see that Tsurugi has a theory of an imposter or the king was totally shifted to another person. Okay, I was getting excited for a possible deeper conflict of storyline.

Kukuruga leads a mass execution. It's unbelievable how the king would do that to his own son. But something is about to happen. It's about to rain again. Why is the king so afraid of rain? Why is the new Menaster so afraid of rain?

They rescue Lucky in a nick of time. But there's one important revelation that soon revealed about the king. Yes, this is a plot twist which I thought wasn't too exciting.

As it turns out this King Aslan is just an imposter. I really want to bash out on the Jark Matter scientists for producing clones that easily get destroyed by water. If this is all their scientific minds can come up then I wonder how did they even conquer the Universe? The king was was just made of sand. Shoot, I wanted to have a Darth Vader type villain who'd convince Lucky to join Jark Matter. Instead, they went for the Spaceballs formula. Both Lucky and Lone Starr were abandoned at such a young age and later discovered that they were of royalty.

Kukuruga is destroyed in this episode. Now that Jark Matter is running out of generals, I wonder if we'll see some impressive ones. It's already November then we have December and January. That means, the saga of Kyuranger is nearing its end! So I wonder will it turn out that Don Armage's real form is Mel Brooks?

Lucky is now crowned king but it's not yet his time to take over his late father's throne. He still has a universe to save. I just wonder how this new plot will affect the rest of the series.

I have a feeling we could get an interesting nine parter starting next week. I certainly feel excited to see how Kyuranger could end. I just hope they don't throw in a bad plot for Don Armage. I wonder how will they destroy the barrier before they destroy the Space Shogunate for good? Things are getting more exciting for this space series!