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Other Japanese Tokusatsu Series Series By Toei Celebrating Their Major Anniversary This 2017!

Aside from the 30th anniversary of Maskman, Metalder and Kamen Rider Black there are also other series that will be celebrating their major anniversaries. These are the other shows that are celebrating their anniversary but not their 30th anniversary.

A Case Of Direct Sequels VS. Not So Direct Sequels

As Zyuonger vs. Ninninger is the latest Super Sentai VS. movie until the next one comes, I want to take a huge rewind to think about what I call as direct sequels vs. not so direct sequels. There's something that I wrote before about the concept of a Super Sentai timeline which may have been an afterthought after some time. A lot of events between series tend to contradict each other. These events are like how dinosaurs got extinct in Super Sentai, that certain events happen only when the Earth is in grave danger or how certain events in crossover movies make the movies just impossible to fit in both series involved in some cases (ex. Ohranger vs. Kakuranger). It seems to be that after Kamen Rider Decade and Gokaiger most Super Sentai series now take place in the VS. Movies Continuity. Even JAKQ vs. Goranger showed that the heroes were in one continuity though they weren't included in the list of "Super Sentai" series. Both Goranger and JAKQ were only included durin…

"I'm Small But Mighty!" Super Sentai Warriors!

There are cases of small warriors in Super Sentai so I decided to compile them all. Here are a list of Super Sentai rangers who are small but mighty. Here they are as far as I can remember:

Akira/Blue Mask

Perhaps the first in the list or am I wrong? Maskman pretty much highlighted the idea during his first focus episode involving the incredibly ridiculous face swapping scheme. He got berated several times by Kenta/Black Mask but he shows he's no ordinary guy. Sure he's the youngest Maskman but he's not to be underestimated. Best moment? It was when he entered a fake martial arts tournament and only morphed at the last minute to help wrap up the battle with the monster.

Sentai DVD Rambling Part 5: I'd Say Megaranger's Gonna Be That Mega-Legendary Super Sentai DVD Release!

With the fact that a Carranger with English subs DVD release is coming soon I'm thinking about how Megaranger may be the Mega-Release that U.S. fans are waiting for. Awhile ago, I remembered rambling on the Sentai DVD releases where I considered releasing something different or from the pre-Zyuranger era. I even felt like Shout should have released Turboranger instead of Carranger then they can go ahead and proceed with Megaranger. I originally thought that Shout should release Changeman over Megaranger but my mind's changed. I think Megaranger would do better in the long run. It took me some time to think of what to write in this post but now here it is!

We've Got Only 4 Episodes Left And It's Time For Kyuranger!

This week's Zyuohger was just a clip show. I don't see much of a reason why I should give updates on clip shows vs. plot material. It was nice for the the others to reveal they're Zyumen, Mario gets his jacket and there's a nice review for the audience. The time for Zyuohger's end is upon is and I'm excited to see things wrap up.

Kamen Rider Black, Hikari Sentai Maskman And Chojinki Metalder Are Already Turning 30 Years Old!

Yup, they'll be celebrating their 30th birthday this year!

I really feel ashamed that I didn't put to mind that 2014 was the year Bioman turned 30, 2015 was the year Changeman turned 30 and last year Flashman turned 30! This year we have Kamen Rider Black, Hikari Sentai Maskman and Chojinki Metalder all turning 30 years old! What are my thoughts on this momentous event of Maskman turning 30? It's just like when parents say that their children are growing up so fast it's just like it's yesterday. Maskman may be one of the childhood Super Sentai of many 80s children or some 90s children like myself in some areas of the world. Although Bioman was my first but I grew up liking Maskman and Jetman as my two favorite Super Sentai. Kamen Rider Black was my first exposure to the Kamen Rider franchise.

What I Think Of Kyuranger Having An American Input

From the Den of Geek it's revealed that Kyuranger will have an American input. Here's what's being said from the same site:

The American side of production has hardly ever had a say with Toei, the producers of Sentai in Japan, in what the newest Super Sentai season would contain. That has now changed. Bandai America, the stateside arm of Bandai of Japan, has had a direct influence in the creation of the newest Sentai season, Uchu Sentai Kyuranger.