We've Got Only 4 Episodes Left And It's Time For Kyuranger!

This week's Zyuohger was just a clip show. I don't see much of a reason why I should give updates on clip shows vs. plot material. It was nice for the the others to reveal they're Zyumen, Mario gets his jacket and there's a nice review for the audience. The time for Zyuohger's end is upon is and I'm excited to see things wrap up.

It turns out that part of Azald was mixed with Bard's cubes. The heroes narrate how many of their foes have been defeated but there's still Azald, Naria and Genis. We've seen Bangray and Kubar die so how will Azald, Naria and Genis be destroyed? I personally can't wait to see the last four episodes then it's SPACE TIME with Kyurangers!

As of this time, I may only give a final update on Zyuohger when it's done. Until then, just don't be too surprised if I'd be snoozing off or ranting something else. Until then, see you in the finale!


  1. Another series that did not go 50-52 mark.
    From the 80s-90s the fifty episode mark was a tradition and the more the merrier.
    More was the series that started it all, Goranger with 84, Changeman had 55 and Kakuranger had 53.
    The short run was JAKQ with 35 which was a excellent series but the disappointment had execs ending the series very quickly. Liveman was short of 1 episode making it only 49 which was unusual in the 80s.
    And Fiveman opened up the 90s with a mere 48 which other Sentai series would have the usual number of episode.
    For a series that had a lot of negative reviews GoBusters was the last to have 50 some episode. ToQgers had the least amount of 46 episode and man as weak as the series was that was pathetic.
    I hope this highly anticipated series for 2017 will get a 50 episode package.

    1. @Cyber9989

      I guess this is what's happening. I think the declining ratings may be a cause for it. I think JAKQ also suffered from declining ratings if I'm not wrong.

      ToQGer had 47 episodes not 46. You had a miscount. Sorry.

      For me, just thinking whether or not I'd actually dare sit through Goranger's 84 episodes (too long a count) still remains to be seen. I prefer havign late 40s to early 50s episode count no more no less. Good thing Battle Fever J managed to standardize the episode count in some way because I hate overly long seasons.


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