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Shinkenger vs. Go-onger Review

Not ever since the Power Rangers Samurai special appeared with Power Rangers RPM, now it's time to do my review on Shinkenger vs. Go-onger as my means of getting off my mind of the episodes "Clash of the Red Rangers Part 1 and Part 2":
The good:
Taking the whole idea from the end of Go-onger (after the defeat of the Gaiarc President), it was kinda cool to have Batcheed a remaining survivor attack.  So in the process, the Shinkengers meet the Go-ongers but not without that conflict at the start to keep it realistic.  Takeru Shiba a highly trained samurai at first couldn't agree with Sosuke Esumi but as they try to find their friends, they realize they need each other to defeat Batcheed and his new ally Homurakogi.  
So I have to be honest- a serious show like Shinkenger being mashed with a funny show like Go-onger seems a bad idea but not at all.  Why?  Well, Shinkenger isn't very serious either and it was fun seeing the Shinkengers land into different Braneworlds an…

My Opinion Of The Dekarangers And Their SPD Rangers Counterparts

With Power Rangers SPD being dubbed in Japan, I'd like to show what I thought of the characters between the rangers of Dekaranger to SPD:

Jack Landors and Banban Akaza

While some people dislike Banban Akaza for being a fireball and a screamer, but to be honest, I like Banban Akaza way better than Jack Landors. Jack Landors was quite an opportunist who slacked off the obstacle course (but he did it at the end of that episode) but Banban Akaza would have gone through it without complaining and doesn't skip training. Banban Akaza is the more enthusiastic and more explosive. Also, Banban Akaza's involvement in getting Gyoku Rou (though he did recklessly pluck Numa's feathers which is bad, very bad) managed to get Hoji Tomasu and Marika Reimon back on track. And deciding to become part of Fire Squad rather than resigning for Banban Akaza provides a way better story IMO than Jack Landors' resignation from SPD. Will he rise up to higher positions soon? Perhaps.

Sky Tate a…

Kenta Date a TEACHER?

The Megaranger episode really cracked me up to realize that Kenta Date had become a teacher.  Oh boy.  It's just funny in the sense knowing he was a slacker in high school yet int he end, he became a teacher in the same school he caused trouble in.  Talk about funny but realistic.  Yes some delinquents who aren't so bad may become outstanding teachers in the future.

It was nice to see something funny for a change.  Megaranger wasn't a dark season IMO compared to Power Rangers in Space.

The Megaranger tribute does it right.  Well the only what I believe was an unintended Power Rangers shout out was with Captain Marvelous- being an alien and Andros was an alien, and wearing the Mega Red suit.  I'd wonder what the PRIS cast members would think if they saw this episode.  Oh yeah, the Gokaigers were not only from a lost galaxy but were also in space.  Hmmm... but that's just what I think.

What I'm Thinking About the Upcoming Gokaiger vs. Gavan

Yes there's going to be a Gokaiger vs. Gavan movie coming for the series.  What do I think?  Well Kenji Ohba despite his age has paid tribute to his older fans (like myself) by appearing in the Hero 199 Battle movie.  As a child, I viewed Gavan on TV as a child and tried to skip homework until the show taught me to do my homework!  Filipinos know him as "Sky Ranger Gavan" in the dubs but that's really Space Sheriff Gavan.  And yeah, it was kinda violent that it had some minor edits like how many Tokusatsu shows back then were edited in part.  Kenji Ohba appeared in many Tokusatsu roles- in Sentai he was Battle Kenya, Denzi Blue and also as Dan's father in Gekiranger (which would be cool for the older fans).

Now here's a little bit of thought- Toei said themselves that certain franchises operate in their own continuity like how Jimmy Neutron and Timmy Turner actually operate in their own universe' setting.  So how does this happen?  It seems Toei has a r…