Shinkenger vs. Go-onger Review

Not ever since the Power Rangers Samurai special appeared with Power Rangers RPM, now it's time to do my review on Shinkenger vs. Go-onger as my means of getting off my mind of the episodes "Clash of the Red Rangers Part 1 and Part 2":

The good:

Taking the whole idea from the end of Go-onger (after the defeat of the Gaiarc President), it was kinda cool to have Batcheed a remaining survivor attack.  So in the process, the Shinkengers meet the Go-ongers but not without that conflict at the start to keep it realistic.  Takeru Shiba a highly trained samurai at first couldn't agree with Sosuke Esumi but as they try to find their friends, they realize they need each other to defeat Batcheed and his new ally Homurakogi.  

So I have to be honest- a serious show like Shinkenger being mashed with a funny show like Go-onger seems a bad idea but not at all.  Why?  Well, Shinkenger isn't very serious either and it was fun seeing the Shinkengers land into different Braneworlds and have different situations.  The funniest were the Samurai World and the Junk World.  Well the villain Batcheed himself was actually trying to cause another doomsday on Earth with the water of the Sanzu river, which isn't funny.

I think one of the greatest portion is when Batcheed tried to revive the three pollution ministers only for them to run off.  Genta's expression was SO FUNNY when they didn't pay him.  Yeah, Batcheed despite him being a brutal bad-ass with a funny side, doesn't need them.  But still, the appearance of the three pollution ministers was a funny moment worth watching. :P

I really thought that it was cool when Takeru and Sosuke finally teamed up especially when Hikom and Bomper were kidnapped.  The whole fake fight scene was so convincingly done that you thought they really died.  But again, Sentai fans know that it's a dupe.  So nothing new but still cool especially when they team up together after the other heroes find their way home, oh yeah Samurai Formation G23 was so great too.

The bad:

I have to admit that the short cameo of the Goseigers was for me, not necessary.  There were no cameos in past VS films, but this one had to be the first to do so.  Do I consider it a major nuisance?  Nope.  But still, I felt like it was unnecessary. 


  1. I totally agree with you. Merging the two super sentai together is not a bad idea. The clash of Sousuke and Takeru’s characters, I think, is a good addition to the film. However, it seems that the concept of pros vs. amateurs in fighting evil forces have been pointed out in Dekaranger vs. Abaranger. Nevertheless, the resolution between the two reds is perfect as they talked and planned out their tactics.

    I like the Shinkenger vs. Go-onger more than Goseiger vs. Shinkenger. The two may have different story lines but the former have good cast that seem to be compliment each other. And yes, Samurai Formation 23 rocks with G9 formation controlling the Ika Tenkuu Buster. :D

  2. Despite repeating this aspect from Deka vs Aba, I do think the concept of pros vs amateurs worked perfectly here. The Shinkengers were trained and raised throughout their whole lives, save for Genta, to be tough and serious samurai. The Go-Ongers on the otherhand, especially Sousuke, were wacky characters with no prior experience, and were chosen at the spur of the moment. I think the concept worked great with this team-up and it even spoofed it a bit, while also showing that each side can learn from each other. So I think that aspect as well as the insanely ridiculous fight and tactic between Sousuke and Takeru made this team-up really enjoyable.

  3. Bacheed died 2 times already (Shinkenger Vs Go Onger and Gokaiger Ep.) im so confused right now :|

    1. Batcheed was succeeded by Babatcheed. Though they look alike, they are not the same.


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