"I'm Small But Mighty!" Super Sentai Warriors!

There are cases of small warriors in Super Sentai so I decided to compile them all. Here are a list of Super Sentai rangers who are small but mighty. Here they are as far as I can remember:

Akira/Blue Mask

Perhaps the first in the list or am I wrong? Maskman pretty much highlighted the idea during his first focus episode involving the incredibly ridiculous face swapping scheme. He got berated several times by Kenta/Black Mask but he shows he's no ordinary guy. Sure he's the youngest Maskman but he's not to be underestimated. Best moment? It was when he entered a fake martial arts tournament and only morphed at the last minute to help wrap up the battle with the monster.

Ako Hayasaka/Blue Swallow

Unlike Megumi Misaki in Liveman she's presented to be the small but mighty member of Jetman. She's the shortest and she's the youngest member of the Jetman team. One may think of her as a female version of Akira though she's just an ordinary student. No special training whatsoever yet she showed some incredibly unusual skills. So why did she easily learn to pilot the Jet Swallow or do a lot of crazy stunts like when she fought blind? She may seem ditzy but she's pretty smart for her age like when she snuck away with a communicator when the Jetmen were supposedly banished forever. As much as I like Jetman but I feel her concept got improved with Kotoha Hanaori in Shinkenger.


He's literally small but mighty though most of the stunts were done by the stuntmen. You can't have children doing the dangerous stunts can you? I really can say he's still small but mighty as far as the scripts are concerned. Move over Tommy you're not wanted and he's not Justin disgracing Tommy! He's got one of the most developed stories ever. His storyline where he's actually half-Gorma and his ongoing conflict with his twin brother Akomaru don't make him just another gimmick to appeal to children. Justin's got nothing on this kid, nuff said.


Biologically he's older than Kou. I think he should be at least 12-14 years old. He's the youngest of the Ohrangers as far as biology is concerned though he's chronologically much older than they are. But don't let his "wimpy" appearance fool you as he's actually badass both in suit and out of suit. He also pilots the most powerful mecha in the series namely King Pyramider.

Sion/Time Green

A freaking idiot. But that's only because he spent his life in a laboratory and he's the last Hubbardian. In spite of him being kind of an "idiot" but he's pretty much a genius when it comes to the creation of equipment.

Sae Taiga

The youngest of the Gaoranger team and also the shortest. I don't know how to react to why the sole female member not only the youngest but the shortest. Even if she's the youngest and the shortest but it's amazing to see how she's actually a karate master herself. I also find her to be tougher than Kai Samezu.

Umeko Kodou

I think it's really something to push Umeko behind and behind. I tend to do that myself in favor of Jasmine. She may be small, I may not really like her for stupid reasons but she's able to do the job. She's ditzy (and fortunately she's not a brat) but it doesn't mean she can't pull off some cool action scenes like her drunking kung fu moment.

Natsuki Mamiya/Bouken Yellow

I don't know what was in the producers' head when they actually created this klutz. She's naive because she knows NOTHING about the modern world yet she's able to use the equipment given to her. Even if she's a klutz it's still funny she gets to accomplish the task anyway. She's probably a terrible alcoholic off-screen huh? Also, please don't commit the mistake that me and others did in comparing her to Ako Hayasaka who's a lot more sane than she is.

Hant "Patrick Star" Jo/Go-on Green

If Shoji Yonemura isn't the only person I call "Patrick Star" it's also Hant. This guy dared to actually impersonate a doctor when Sosuke was sick though I doubt it the writers had Spongebob in mind. He's pretty naive and might actually be a potential pervert (though he hasn't been shown harassing any of the girls which I expected to happen) especially he got a job to get close to girls. He still gets the job done even if he's so freaking stupid.

Saki Royama/Go-on Yellow

She's the shortest of the Go-ongers but she's definitely not weak. I feel she's actually a better fighter than Hant who's probably the stupidest character in Go-onger.

Chiaki Tani/Shinken Green

Chiaki is the youngest male member of the crew. But don't underestimate him just because he's shown signs of being a slacker. After taking responsibility for his two friends' injuries he's been devoting himself to besting out Takeru Shiba himself.

Kotoha Hanaori/Shinken Yellow

She's the younger one between Mako and her. She's a fighting school girl like Ako in Jetman. Both were forced to fight because circumstances demanded them they would. One got hit by a Birdonic Wave and her older sister was sickly so what choice does she have? She wasn't supposed to be a Shinkenger by birthright but circumstances involving her older sister made her the next Shinken Yellow.

Kaoru Shiba/Princess Shinken Red

The true head of the Shiba Clan. I always felt sorry for her with how she's underrated, underused and WTF she left her rightful place? She appeared to accomplish her job, Takeru Shiba had the burden of filling up for her as a shadow warrior. Good thing Gokaiger gave her some justice!

"ERI!!!!!"/Gosei Pink

Okay she's really air-headed and not to mention I'd imagine her playing in the most forbidden of places and we may be seconds closer to a nuclear disaster. Still, you can't deny she's able to get the job done in many instances.

Yoko Usami/Yellow Buster

She's the shortest among the Go-Busters but she's able to get the job done. Even earlier episodes showed she's capable in her own way of giving her contribution to the team. Not fond of her but I still like how she gets the job time.

Amy Yuzuki/Kyoryu Pink

Although she's the youngest of the group and the shortest but she's still able to kick some ass. Good thing that sexist producer Takahito Oomori didn't intervene too much here. Good thing that Kyoryugers all get the chance to show their badass scenes. How's that for Oomori's "girls are weak" argument? Unfortunately Oomori ended up making Kiriko in Drive from a badass Junko Fujino type character to a damsel in distress.

Yayoi Ulshade

She's also another small but mighty member in Kyoryuger. I didn't highly of her though.

Fuuka Igasaki/Shironinger

The shortest of the Ninningers no doubt but she actually fills up the spot for her idiotic brother Takaharu. I may not think highly of Ninninger but I think highly of Fuuka as a character. She's actually got the most brains in the Igasaki family compared to her grandfather, father and brother. But I don't think she's the smartest Ninninger since I'd give that title to Kasumi Momochi.

Missed any? Let me know!

Updated: February 1, 2017


  1. How do you feel about Kaoru Shiba, the true Shiba Head in Shinkenger? I think she's strong and very little lol

    1. Oh I really forgot about her. I think she was okay. Felt sorry for her having to bear the burden of hiding herself. Good thing Gokaiger gave her some focus because I felt she was just a victim of being underrated by the fans.

  2. Speaking of powers in small packages,
    Vul Panther/ Asao Hyou- he may be 5'7" but his battle skill on land is incomparable.
    Then there is Tigerranger Boi and Pteraranger Mei. Both are in the small size but fights like titans of the Yamato age.
    Then it isn't Easy Being short and Green!!!!
    Green Sai(rhino)/Junichi Aikawa; Time Green/Sion; Go-On Green/Hanto Jo are small timid green Warriors but never let their size fool you as they are soldiers with a goal for justice.

    And finally Yellow Buster/Yoko Usami, a little girl and highschool student who is also a high jumper and kicker.

    Great powers come in small packages!!!!

  3. I think u miss Any and Yayoi from Kyoruger and Luka from Gokaiger


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