Sentai DVD Rambling Part 5: I'd Say Megaranger's Gonna Be That Mega-Legendary Super Sentai DVD Release!

With the fact that a Carranger with English subs DVD release is coming soon I'm thinking about how Megaranger may be the Mega-Release that U.S. fans are waiting for. Awhile ago, I remembered rambling on the Sentai DVD releases where I considered releasing something different or from the pre-Zyuranger era. I even felt like Shout should have released Turboranger instead of Carranger then they can go ahead and proceed with Megaranger. I originally thought that Shout should release Changeman over Megaranger but my mind's changed. I think Megaranger would do better in the long run. It took me some time to think of what to write in this post but now here it is!

So why did I change of mind about my wish for a Changeman DVD release instead of a Megaranger DVD release? 

Changeman may be considered a groundbreaking innovative series but I don't think so many Power Rangers fans new to Super Sentai would immediately pick it up. I've read some summaries of Changeman episodes in the past. I think that Star King Bazoo is the one true Dark Specter that truly menaces the galaxy and not the Dark Specter of Power Rangers in Space. I want to think that Astronema's just a watered down version of Shiima or that Ecliptor may not match the skills of Space Pirate Buuba. I even think that maybe they can relate to Queen Ahames in a similar way with Lost Galaxy's Trakeena as both are treacherous vixens. Except that Queen Ahames was permitted to do more than what Trakeena was permitted to do by TV-Y7-FV standards. But I think Power Rangers fans right now would want to settle for Megaranger due to its high school theme... something that Power Rangers started with.

I could talk about my opinions vs. the facts surrounding Megaranger and its Americanized version Power Rangers in Space. Sometimes, localized versions of stuff can deviate from the original material. Megaranger is all about video games and teenagers (along with the science theme of the Hirohisa Soda era) while Power Rangers in Space is well... in space. If you want a space themed Super Sentai then Changeman and Flashman would be a good start. This year we will also have Kyuranger the first space themed Super Sentai after a long time. If you want a Super Sentai season with high schoolers then Turboranger and Megaranger is for you. 

Megaranger may help repair the damage done by Power Rangers MEGAFAILED did last 2014 by miles!

Both Megaranger (the true Mega series) and Megafailed (just an idiotic anniversary that wasted a better cast than Power Rangers Samurai) involve teenagers with attitude. The difference is the execution. Megaranger has the teenagers with attitude getting dragged into the conflict against the Nezire's invasion where they learn a lot. Megafailed may have had a few lessons but I felt character development went nowhere or that there was hardly any development. The Megarangers were a more balanced group than the Megafailed Rangers. Megaranger may owe its success to good writing, likable characters and proper character development. In fact, I feel the urge to rewatch Megaranger yet again with Maskman and Kamen Rider Black (though I'm still watching Super-1 at a super slow pace) even if I'm more inclined to like Heisei Riders over Showa Riders. I've seen Kuuga up to EX-AID but not in their proper orders but I'm so left behind with Showa Riders.

Power Rangers Megafailed is the biggest anniversary disaster for Power Rangers no questions asked. Just the term "Mega" brings me back to Megaranger the one true Mega Series. Sure, it's still teenagers with attitude but they thought of actually making it more than that and sought to learn from whatever mistakes Turboranger had. Megaranger is pretty much its own series. You don't hear Turboranger's theme song having Turboranger replaced with Megaranger or reusing the Turboranger theme. No, it's really its own theme song and that's just one positive point that makes Megafailed well Megafailed. It's really its own series that seeks to play teenagers with attitude in a whole new angle. You don't have a fairy recruiting the Megarangers in the same way. Instead, we have an entirely different way on how teenagers with attitude get to see their lives changed the day they became the Megarangers. It's an enjoyable series from start to end and will give a real sense of satisfaction that Megafailed can never give.

In short, there's only one true Mega series and it ain't Megafail. Are you really ready for a true-Mega release anytime soon? 


  1. Before we got this far with Super Sentai DVD release(thanks SHOUT!). SHOUT! Factory had talked about pre-Sabanned Sentais. And I was hoping for gems such as BFJ, Bioman, Changeman and my top late 80s 3(you know what they are).
    If those that do not yet own any of them yet by SHOUT! Factory. The quality is as good as they where release via VHS and laser disc. I remember owning those on VHS prerecord fuzzy. They are never orderly in keeping the trailers especially the pre season sneak preview with Zyuranger as they had approximately 4 trailers of the series opener and Ohranger missed one as the trailer helped the series alone.

    Also the series that was lucky enough to have a Manga Matsuri movie out or just a theactrical. Sadly they are not even in it.

    Now I am not a Saban fan and I only have three of the 4 release(Zyuranger,Dairanger and Ohranger) and they are by TOEI but Saban name is printed on the boxes only???
    Very slowly but Surely SHOUT! Factory is covering up most of the series and the wait and the unknown future of the release is killing us. I do hope Megaranger will come out soon enough.


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