Kyuranger 39: Adventure In The Perseus System

Okay, here's this week's Kyuranger and I feel like it's a weaker episode (again) then what's a good show without some weaker moments right? On the other hand, I still feel the bit of humor and a bit more about Professor Anton's past is revealed. 

I think about a bit of Dragon Quest reference. If you're a 90s kid you may have remembered watching the Dragon Quest Anime. I dunno if it's intentionally done that Lucky gets demoted in here into a witch of all characters. Stinger becomes oh so useless since all he could do is sing. Kotaro gets a chance to be the hero. Granted, Dai in the Dragon Quest Anime isn't an adult so there.

I dunno what to make about Anton Hakase's story. I personally couldn't find it funny nor scary. But there's a bit of interesting thing about him...

As a Jark Matter scientist, he does have some split personality problems. His solution was to transfer his evil self into a new computer program. I guess he's still trying to find a suitable body for the past 300 years. The good him was destroyed by Scorpio which may have been part of his objective. Right now, he has no body of his own. To make matters worse, there's the real problem that Champ has a berserk circuit next near to his heart. It is a very risky operation.

I feel like there's a bit of Changeman tribute with Stinger's horrible singing. Yes, he sings a song to get Champ out of his berserk mode. He succeeds in getting rid of the berserk circuit. I really wanted to laugh in this one.

What we also discover is that Madako no longer has the ability to regenerate. Is this a good or a bad thing for her? I mean, she could be permanently destroyed. In the stages of innovation there's always a pro and a con. What's also true is that sometimes to increase your strength you need to give something up. I guess she couldn't gain her power-up if she didn't give up her regeneration ability.

After the battle, they come to get the Perseus Kyu Globe and there's one more to go. Excited? For me, I'm feeling a bit nervous with the possibility that Don Armage may turn out anti-climatic. It's happened in the past even with all the excitement in a good series. I always keep in mind that even a good series will always have a weakness we should accept.

Next week, there's going to be a baseball game to get the final Kyuglobe from the Cassiopeia system. But wait, a baseball game? I dunno... is it me or is Kyuranger really full of Space Balls? I'm crossing my fingers hoping that Don Armage's true body won't look like President Skroob (acted by Mel Brooks) from Spaceballs too. =P


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