Kyuranger 13: Village Of The Damned

Not exactly a nightmare fuel episode but I do like the plot involved. This is going to take on another important part of the fight to save the Universe. We also see how life on Earth has become so miserable ever since the Galactic Empire ahem Jark Matter made it part of its empire. 

Jark Matter isn't treating their subjects right. What's noteworthy to think is that the people are asking for day-offs and lesser working ours but the empire treats everyone as disposables rather than as human beings. Scorpio appears demonstrating his ability to zombify everyone hence we've got the Village of the Damned.

Hammy gets possessed by this venom but she is saved by Stinger. Stinger soon discovers his brother Scorpio is on Earth. This is getting interesting as the brother vs. brother duel may soon arrive. The zombie plot wasn't so expanded upon. I guess it's because they want to focus more on Stinger and Champ for this episode.

Darth Sidious ahem Don Armage is showing more of what he could do. Is he a being of negative energy or what? He empowers Scorpio into becoming a monster. What's interesting is that Scorpio is now the new top assassin of Jark Matter. I hope that Don Armage will get a good backstory and how the empire got established will be explained.

What's predictable... or not is that it was Scorpio and not Stinger who killed Professor Anton. This creates some conflict. Stinger knows he must face off against his older brother. There's the thin line between personal feelings and duty to fulfill.

Also, if I were Champ I'd get disgusted by Stinger's hiding that terrible secret. Champ had some misguided anger and now he knows there's something to be done. Will Champ succumb to desires of revenge or will he know there's more to life than revenge?

Stinger is revealed to be the first Kyuranger found by Shou Ronpou. So if he's the first so why didn't Stinger become the red ranger? I have a feeling that since orange is a lighter shade of red maybe it's meant to be a pun. I wish the show will soon expand on this one.

Scorpio can be seen to a ruthless bastard. He's the kind of villain that the show may need. The fact he's also Stinger's older brother can help escalate conflict. How will Stinger ever face his own brother who betrayed their people?

Kotaro will be sent off for training. As much as Kou from Dairanger has a better backstory than Justin from Power Rangers Turbo but I don't think the former's story was that good either. I think some training for Kotaro would at least help develop the character. You have a child ranger? Then you really need to make sure he's got what's needed to be one!

Next week, we may be seeing a parody of Urashima Taro as they attack a space version of the Ryugu Castle. I hope it will be a fun-filled episode.


  1. If Stinger is a Red Ranger, there would be another Takeru


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