Some Things I'd Like to Return in Super Sentai

As a Super Sentai fan, I felt like there are times I switch in between Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, Chinese wuxia drama and Japanese drama.  But I'd like to see these things return in Super Sentai:

Not having an extra ranger.  Extra rangers are fine but sometimes, I feel like extra rangers get too overrated since the arrival of my favorite Zyuranger, Burai.  It would be nice to have some old school five-man team through and through.

I would really want a third team composing of teenagers to save the world again.

To be honest, I think most Super Sentai villains lack scariness.  Basco was a refresher for some but he wasn't really that scary, he was more of the cool villain who's an annoying troll to the Gokaigers BUT he really lacks the scary factors that villains like Radiguet possess.  Villains like Zeba, Radiguet and Shaddam should make a return to Super Sentai somehow... that is real complete monsters.

Or perhaps heavy drama build up like that of Igam's "I'll kill you to restore my family honor." type.  Hee hee, maybe I'm just getting overly dramatic.


  1. We got that formula that you are talking about back three times, Boukengers, Shinkengers, and Gokaigers.
    Reguarding to only primary members, it is a fad and tradition started since 1992 and it will not stop. Whether he or she is the 6th or 4th and 5th member, the purpose of Super Sentai is character build-up and it can work or fail if the script functions with careful writing from the writers themselves.

  2. Another thing I forgot to add, Toei is too scared to add dramatic and scary villains as it is a kids show and it can drive away viewing figures.
    Go Buster is a two way street to failure as it is both a ratings failure and fan failure.
    But the villains in Kyoryuger work for kids as they are goofy and gawky looking.

    Also I might want to add, unlike Denziman, Changeman, Jetman and Go Busters. I would like to see a Sentai team have both standard and personal weapons. Gadgets and Props are eye pleasers

  3. I want to see a female commander

  4. Another Male yellow ranger if you ask me, preferably 4 males and one female


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