Sentai Villains That Died in a One-on-One Confrontation with Various Sentai Rangers

Here's a list of various villains that died on a one-on-one confrontation with various Sentai Rangers. Missed any? Comment! They are:

Buuba - Changeman featured the final battle between Change Dragon and Buuba. So Buuba chose to die on Earth rather than let Gozma face him. What better way to do so than to fight his rival Change Dragon to the last?What's so awesome about Buuba is that he not only rejected Gozma's cowardly ways but got to die at the hands of the strong plus he restored Shiima to her true self.

Ley Wanda - He was killed by Red Flash in a one on one duel, this is one of Fantasy Leader's favorite duels of all time.

Baraba - In Maskman 48, after being pressured by Zeba to defeat the Maskmen or never return, he was eventually killed by Red Mask in a final duel after Oyobur refused to help him.

Jarmin - In episode 29, Jarmin was defeated by Black Turbo together with her monster Kuroko Bouma to whatever happened to one, happened to the other. Before she died, she enlarged her ally (to where she transferred her soul into) which was defeated by the Turbo Rugger.

Rehda - In the midseason of Turboranger, Red Turbo manages to defeat him one on one in contrast to Zimba where he had the help of the other Turborangers.

Ragorn - This is pretty much what I'd call very WTF but amazing as Red Turbo defeated this guy one-on-one in a battle in episode 38 that looks very impossible to win. Well he did also come back to life after that duel and going giant, terrorizing the Turborangers before he was defeated by the Super Turbo Builder. =P He did return however for the final arc easily defeated by the Super Turbo Robo for some reason.

Billion - In Fiveman episode 46, he challenged Five Red to a final duel concluding their rivalry. Five Red went to Five Tector mode to destroy him. I thought that was a cheap way to kill this guy.

Chevalier - In Fiveman episode 47, I would say this is the coolest final duel in Fiveman. He challenges Five Red to a chain deathmatch that won't stop until one of them dies. In a desperate sword fight, Five Red uses his final attack on Chevalier killing him providing Vulgyre the final energy to terrorize the Earth with almost unlimited power.

Gure - After seeing his beloved Maria die and with nothing to live for, he decides to conclude his battle with Gai Yuki to which he fought honorably. So he was granted a badass death but too bad Gai Yuki wasn't. So Gure before he died lay down to contemplate on his final moments, Gai Yuki lit a cigarette to acknowledge him and Gai died in a very normal way.

Shaddam - In the final episode of Dairanger, Ryou and Shaddam had their final battle. Ryou was out of suit as all their jewels including the Earthshaking Jewel had to be surrendered to appease Daijinryu's wrath. In here, Ryou beats him a knifing duel killing him off for good. It was revealed Shaddam was made of mud which may leave us to speculate to the truth... just a thought the real Shaddam used a clay body to cheat death but forgot he was using one much later. =P

Yugande - After several rebuilds, Mega Red finally kills him near the finale.

Budo - He died in a one-on-one battle with Ginga Red. Both of them had a final clash when he chose to die a warrior's death, since he was unable to prove his innocence to Zahab.

Shelinda - She died in her final battle with Hayate. The two had a rivalry due to Shelinda's petty reasoning that she was wounded by him developing a rivalry.

Ura - In Gaoranger, after Shirogane newly became Gao Silver he was temporarily killed off but he found a way to return and cause more trouble.

Meemy - He was destroyed by Hikaru/Magishine in a duel.

Quester Gai - He was finally destroyed by Bouken Silver in a one on one duel while his partner Rei was destroyed by the rest of the Boukengers.

Yaiba - Compared to Gure, this guy REALLY deserved to die more horribly. Too bad the final fight between him and Masumi wasn't as brutal.

Juzo Fuwa - He eventually died in a final duel with Shinken Red in the near finale. That is, it happened after Takeru Shiba left the others leaving them to Kaoru's care.

Dareptor - He was killed in episode 16 of Goseiger by Gosei Red.

Barizorg - In the near finale, Gokai Blue defeats him one on one so his former self can be free of the torture of being brainwashed and crazy.

Basco - He was finally killed by Gokai Red singlehandedly in the battle to recover the greater powers of the Fiveman, Maskman, Flashman, Sun Vulcan and Changeman from Basco. After a really intense battle, Basco dies in the most creepy way possible but he DESERVED it. =P


  1. Those are moments when Super Sentai is memorable.
    From the 80s-90s, usually Red would be involved in these one on one duel. And it was done with his side-arm weapon or personal weapon.
    Not a whole lot of Super Sentai has this moment but with all series created equal only a few has them.

    Sun Vulcan has Vul Eagle duel and defeat Amazon Killer with his Secret Cross Cut

    There is the Space Sheriff-esque duel between Dynared and Aton.

    Must you not forget the most famous duel between Red Flash and Sir Kowler, that is what we called mortal combat.

    Battle Fever J- General Tetsuzan duels Commander Heddah and wins.
    This is the one time a Sentai mentor gets personal and wins.

  2. Shellinda died on a one on one with Ginga Green in Gingaman.

  3. MagiShine defeated Meemy in a one-on-one duel.


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