Super Sentai Rangers Whose Fathers Were Mentioned Or Appeared

Since it's father's day today I would like to mention these rangers whose fathers appeared.  If I missed any, please do comment:

Futoshi Kijima/Goggle Yellow's estranged father appeared in episode 13.

Shiro Gou/Red One's father was first seen in episodes 43-44 but it wasn't figured out but we do get a hint. Later, the mysterious man is revealed to be his father who is also Dr. Man's former friend.

Sara Tokimura/Yellow Flash's father appeared late in the series. Too bad she could not stay home to be reunited with her family. Tears.

Haruka/Yellow Mask's father appeared very briefly in a flashback. =P

Megumi Misaki/Blue Dolphin's father appeared to train her in archery.

The Fiveman siblings' parents were revealed to be very much alive in the last series which might have been a shocker to the audience.

Kaori Rokumeikan-Tendo/White Swan's parents appeared in episode 43 to meet Gai Yuki.

In Zyuranger we later see the adoptive father of Geki and the real father of Geki who is also Burai's father during the "Green with Evil" arc featuring Burai and his really disturbing evil laugh.

Ryou/Ryuuranger's father appeared in episodes 7-8 in a very Darth-Vader like fashion.  He was estranged from his father, reconciled with him before his father died in that episode.

Kou/Kibaranger- Well his father is Shaddam.

Tsurihime's father appeared in episode 31 of Kakuranger.  Her father tried to infiltrate Daimaou's forces but was found out and turned into stone.  Good thing they were reunited at the end.

In Gogo V, their father Mondo Tatsumi IS their mentor. Long ago, he had no choice but to "abandon" them because he had to create the GoGoFive technology to defeat the incoming invasion of the Saima Clan. The children never understood their father's motives until later.

Tatsuya Asami's parents appeared for certain episodes. He has a bad relationship with his father Wataru Asami but were reconciled at the end of the series.

Sae's father appeared in Gaoranger who discovered her identity as Gao White in Quest 11.

The Goraigers' father was also featured in a flashback only.

Yukito Sanjo's father appeared in Abaranger for two episodes.  Man poor Yukito with having a father who's worse than Time Red's dad. =(

In Magiranger, Wolzard IS their father. They are later reunited at the end.

Satoru Akashi/Bouken Red- His father appeared in the Boukenger movie. I found his dad VERY ANNOYING. -_-

Eiji Takaoka/Bouken Silver's father was in a flashback during his introduction arc as an Ashu Hunter who fell in love with an Ashu. The father was played by Hiroshi Watari.

Jan Kandou/Gekui Red's Dan appeared in certain flashbacks and he was later forced to kill his own father (who was brainwashed and crazy) as the only way to free his father from such a terrible burden. Dan was played by Kenji Ohba.

Ken Hisatsu/Geki Chopper's father was also shown in Gekiranger.

Takeru Shiba/Shinken Red's father appeared in episodes 1, 12 and 46. Later we discover his father was a servant of the Shiba clan who lent his son over to be trained as a shadow warrior. It must have been a difficult choice for Takeru to hide that secret until later.

Ryunosuke Ikenami/Shinken Blue- His father appeared in episode one very briefly.

Chiaki Tani/Shinken Green- His father appeared in episode 21.

Mako Shiraishi/Shinken Pink- Her father appeared in episode 34 to try and get her to resign as a Shinkenger. There was some focus about her mother in that episode but it was more focused on her and her father.

Princess Kaoru Shiba- Her father appeared in a flashback as the previous Shinken Red. Presumably, her father was the master of Takeru's father.

Ahim de Famille/Gokai Pink- Her father appeared in a flashback with her mother.

Daigo Kiryu's father Dantetsu appeared several times in Kyoryuger as a key character.

Souji Rippukan's father Genryu appears as a kendo instructor.

At the end of ToQGer, all their fathers appeared with their mothers to reunite with them. I felt like at least the ending wasn't as stupid.

Ninninger has Tsumuji Igasaki as the father of Takaharu and Fuuka. Tsumuji is also the son of Yoshitaka the Last Ninja.

Updated: June 18, 2016


  1. You forget Liveman Megumi Misaaki unites with her father who is Kyudo master who helps her refine her skills with the Dolphin Arrow.

    And lets not forget Geki and Burai's tragic family with their father of the Black Knight died at the hands of the Yamato King who is Geki's new father.

  2. Oh most importantly, in Sunvulcan Commander Arishiyama is father to Misa Arashiyama who is the unofficial 4th member.

  3. Yukito (AbareBlue) had a two-ep long arc devoted to himself and the issues he had with his father. His father owns a company, and taught Yukito that money meant everything in the world. His father wanted Yukito to eventually take his place as head of the Sanjo Corporation. He forced Yukito to study and to not have any breaks or any friends. He eventually paid Yukito's girlfriend's family to move away so that Yukito would lose his girlfriend. Yukito broke his ties off his father afterwards and never forgave him, hating him as a result. This resulted in Yukito's cold personality. And Yukito now refers to his father as "The Demon." In the 2-parter, Yukito eventually realized that he hated himself and not his father. Thus, their relationship has somewhat gotten better.

  4. you missed souji/kyoryugreen since his father appeared on episode 3 & 10


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