My Thoughts on Dairanger 20 Years After...

Well this is a 20 year reunion of sorts that has Keiichi Wada, Natsuki Takahashi, Ei Hamura, Tatsuya Nomi, Keisuke Tsuchiya and Hisashi Sakai.  I got this picture from Orends Range.  My thoughts?  Well it's been some time and time flew so fast like yesterday, both Hisashi Sakai and Blake Foster were still the child rangers they were in their respective shows and both are grown up as shown in this picture.  Just made me wonder who married who in Dairanger's cast... since I've heard Natsuki Takahashi is currently married I wish to see her family picture as well as the others.  Other than that, any 90s Sentai fan would LOVE this reunion.  Then again, in my celebrities blog I am so compelled to write about role analysis on the Dairangers maybe on Keiichi Wada or Natsuki Takahashi... but I really wish I could see pictures of their family lives =P


  1. The ironic thing is it is the 20th anniversary for Power Lamers as well.
    But I prefer to focus on Dairangers 20th b-day!

    This series help redefined the genre itself and I do not need to say more.

    I thought Lin been married right after her showbiz career was over.
    Last time we see Kou was in Timeranger. Those 6 are at least proud of the series where fans are happy about their devotion to their past career.

  2. Like in the last Ep. They got a reunion each year XD I love them ^^


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