Maskman's Biggest Plothole IMO: The Rest of Princess Igam's Backstory

For Maskman, as much as I love the series I have this plothole issue with Igam herself.  So okay we do know why she was raised as a prince was because of the absence of a male heir (but they could have just forgotten about that whole male heir thing that is the family), however I had my thoughts while she masqueraded as a prince, it was her fierce loyalty to Zeba that bothered me too much since in the first place, Zeba usurped her parents' throne and KILLED them so why serve such a monster?  So if she was after restoring the Igam family honor, why is she serving Zeba who in the first place dethroned her parents?  It wasn't explained to why she serves Zeba so fiercely?

Was it possible that in the first place, she was really brainwashed by him as a child but it's never mentioned.  Also, it wasn't mentioned at what point did Zeba take over or how she became his fierce enforcer?  I mean, if she wanted to restore the Igam honor, why does she allow an imposter king like Zeba to rule over her in the first place?  Lots of questions really and also, I pretty thought it didn't make sense (on her part that is) in Maskman 50 that she still decided to serve Zeba even after she knew he was the usurper of the throne and a literal monster. =P  By then, I guess she's too headstrong stubborn until Ial managed to snap her back to her senses.


  1. Sean, these aren't plot holes! They're stuff that just simply isn't said, and that's fine. They're meant for the viewers imagination. Plot holes are things that contradict what's already established, and nothing you listed does that. You're making Maskman look bad -__-

  2. I think here was the explanation. He chose to serve Zeba, not really to restore the honor of the Igam family but because she hated what her family did to her. She was asked to play the role of a prince which she may not have wanted but forced to.

    About her loyalty to Zeba, she may have suffered what we called Stockholm syndrome. She may experienced one traumatic experience and identifies her self with the monster namely Zeba.

  3. I really think that Igam served so fiercely Zeba waiting for the right moment to strike. That's my explanation towards that issue.

    Another thing, and this is coming from someone who loves brainwashed methods/warriors, why does it have to be always brainwash the explanation? Why can't it be "b/c she saw her parents' death and what Zeba was capable of and she followed him out of fear for her well-being"?

    @Stephen James Castro: I don't think she was asked, more forced to play the role of the prince. I have to admit your theory is interesting.


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