Villainous Fathers In Super Sentai

Well we should credit them as well huh? Happy father's day everyone!

Emperor Aton is the father of Prince Megiddo. He really didn't care much about his son which led to his downfall.

Doctor Man has a biological son named Shuichi and an artificial son called Prince who the audience may have thought was a human being at first. He struggled between his taking over the world and his son who cares about him very much.

Gator in Changeman had a family. So glad he was able to reunite with them in the end after he betrayed Bazoo and became good.

Shaddam is the father of Kou and Akomaru and a terrible one at it. Really he would even rival his own sons just to get power? How much of a damnable guy is this guy? =(

Daimaou is the father of Gasha Skull. After Gasha Skull was defeated by the Kakure Daishogun, he called his son a fool but vowed to avenge him nonetheless.

Bacchushund and Buldont were fathers. Later Buldont became Kaiser Buldont, married his cousin Maruchiwa and later had a child by her called Buldont Jr. How these people ever reproduce is unknown. Despite being a villain, Bacchushund did care about his son.

Dr. Hinelar had a daughter who he lost in one of his experiments so he created Shibolena.

Suugu was actually Jan's father Dan being brainwashed and crazy. Jan had to defeat him to free Dan from his tormented state.

Yogoschrimaten was the uncaring father of Yogostein.

Ackdos Gill was Warz Gill's father. He was crushed to hear of his son Warz's death. He even sent Damaras to help his rather idiotic son do the job right. In the non-canon Super Hero Taisen, he and his son were revived mysteriously and fought side by side only to be destroyed again.

Kibaoni Gengetsu is the father of both Mangetsu and earlier on, he sired Kyuemon by an unknown woman.

Updated: June 18, 2016


  1. Kakuranger-Dai Maoh and Junior/ Gasha Skull.

    Go Buster- Can we also count Messiah and Enter and Escape as his children.

    1. Kyoryuger- And the Deboth Legion as Deboth's children?


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