My Wild Mass Guesses on Dairanger

Here are my wild mass guesses on one of my favorite series, Dairanger:

For Ryou's lineage, I guess his sister Youko (who is not later seen and I assume she was probably living on normally while he does all the fighting) must also possess the right to chi energy.  So I guess if Ryou were disabled or not well, his sister Youko could take over his position.

For Kou, I just thought that Noboru Sugimura's love for children may have resulted in the creation of the kid ranger.  Also, it seems to be that the power of the Daos apparently gives child warriors the ability to grow tall when in suit. =P

I was disturbed about Zydos' crumbling into dust instead of exploding or dying in an ordinary way.  It's never specified to what happened to the real Zydos or whether or not it was an extension body.

For the Gorma Emperor, so we do have to address the fact that he was really a clay model but how on Earth does he even remember what the supposedly real emperor remembers of the war?  It just has me wild mass guessing that Shaddam may have mastered the art of spirit transfer but the emperor's mind was so senile he forgot he was in a clay body.

In the case of Gara, I wonder why in the world did the writers decide to create a real Gara at the last minute and reveal that Lt. Gara was a fake?  If Lt. Gara were a fake, I do find it funny how in the world does she remember Kujaku in the first place?  LOL.  This was one last minute revelation that may have everybody puzzled.  My wild mass guess is that the evil Gara was probably the embodiment of the negative side of the real Gara and in order for Gara to be whole, the copy had to be destroyed and that the one that destroyed the evil Gara was the good side of Gara and both had to be reunited.

Shaddam's yes one big mystery like why he decided to marry a Dai tribe member in the person of Kou and Akomaru's mother or how in the world did he turn out to be a clay figure?  Wild mass guess as always was that he's a master of spirit transfer and that he may have created a clay body for himself so he can continue to live on, cheating his supposed death.  Then again, maybe it was karmic retribution that he crumbled into clay for all the deception he did.  It's pretty much a wild mass guess from me.


  1. Everything in Dairanger is random especially with the inner workings of Goma.
    How Shadam even married and have a family as his personality and sexual desire is as real as a rocking horse.
    Why couldn't Goma XV just be the real one instead of a puppet. It would work the same in drama either way.

    Could they have shown more of how Jin Matoba been training to be as fast and invincible he is as the flashback only showed him struggling in Karate and badly abused by his Sensei and how he lost his hand. I thought he deserved more of a Wuxia villain origin.

    And finally, was there even a reason to make Daigo weak in Kung fu?

    Since episode 3+4 when he fought the Key Jester, he struggled to even make a hit on that monster and the joke is the monster had no fighting skills what so ever.
    But after that story arc he has had these Kung Fu duels with either the Mirror Goma, the Pottery Goma, and finally the Cactus Goma. Every duel almost ends with his defeat until he has to pull out his weapon to win. CHEAT!!!
    I remember when he was ready to fight Jin and for his sake that didn't happen.
    The great Lion Fist, WOW!!!!


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