Was the Ryu/Kaori Wedding in Jetman Just Totally Random?

I was reading from B'Stard's blog "Them's Fighting Words" about Toshiki Inoue not being good in finales which I agree considering how stupid Faiz's finale really was.  I agree but I would really want to write a defense that even of Ryu and Kaori may not exactly be the best way to end Jetman with a wedding since we could have had Satsuki and Raita instead while the others watch BUT it's definitely not as screwed up as this finale from Kamen Rider Kiva...

Hee hee, sorry if I had to post this but this picture cracks me up!  Moving on...

Well what makes the situation complicated in the development is this.  Kaori likes Ryu (she never liked that stupid fiance of hers anyway) while Ryu is still loving a shadow in Rie who he doesn't realize is Maria while Gai Yuki likes Kaori.  So complex that it's a love dodecahedron?  Talk about how everything goes when Kaori falls for Gai Yuki eventually (but they broke up and still remained friends) while in another, Ryu has a hard time accepting that Maria and Rie are basically the same.  Worse, Radiguet has been hitting on Maria ever since he "created" her out of Rie Aoi which is pretty disgusting.  Then comes the break up of Ryu and Kaori.  Maybe they were intended to end with each other from the start... who knows?  I should also credit Gai Yuki for his most badass moment of awakening Ryu from his delusion that he was still with Rie.

During the closing arc where Maria became a vampire (I felt that arc had a lot of drama building it up and for me one of the best tragedies ever), Gai Yuki later left Ryu to Kaori's care.  So yeah, I was at first not ready to accept it but I grew to accept it. I mean Kaori was the reason why Ryu snapped away from his vampirism and returned back to normal.

So there seemed to be some last minute development in contrast to Nago and Megumi.  In here, Ryu was blinded by revenge over the loss of Rie who begged him to forget her to which he wanted to kill Radiguet even if it meant getting killed himself.  Kaori brought Ryu back to his senses to which I thought was really kind of her.  So she really consoled him over his loss of Rie which was then verified in the Jetman Encyclopedia which resulted to them blossoming into an actual couple.  This is very much different from the rather random and stupid wedding of Nago and Megumi which I think Toshiki Inoue wrote for laughs.  In fact, I think it would be only natural for Ryu to eventually fall for Kaori and Kaori to rekindle her feelings for him within the three years before their wedding.

I guess everybody was pretty mixed with how this ended.  To be honest, before Jetman ended I really wanted Ryu and Rie to be back together and for Gai Yuki and Kaori to end with each other.  So it's a 50/50 thing for me considering with Jetman's rather bittersweet outcome.


  1. I could accept the Ryu/Kaori wedding better if we actually saw her break up with Gai, honestly. I don't recall hearing her actually say that in any episode.

    1. Gai and Kaori DID break up later Gai was introduced to her parents.


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