Gai Yuki's Death

Well after I've done some entries related to Gai Yuki we do have the bitter fact that we are left with a really so random death.  In fact, we do have the issue that some argued he didn't die (and I was on that side) while others said he did die.  The Manga stated he died but it contradicted the events to the Jetman Encyclopedia which also stated that he died.

Why it wasn't so easily acceptable to fans that he died was because it seemed very, very pointless to just kill him that way and the Jetmen didn't notice he was dying.  Sheesh talk about a stupid way to wrap up an otherwise great series!  Okay I can understand that Super Sentai DOES NOT have the superhero invincibility thing going on even if nobody dies.  In fact, we've seen heroes before him die like Daigorou, Kensaku Shiraishi and Mika Koizumi die ahead of him in BATTLE but this one was too different a case.  In fact, I had a hard time accepting he died because of how he died.  I could care less if he died but he deserved a more badass death than to be killed by a thug (which happened because he helped a woman recover her purse, he still had his heroism) that I would still like to assume is Radiguet with partial amnesia reborn as the thing he despised the most.  This was also verified by Toshiki Inoue in the Jetman Encyclopedia which should have silenced everyone about how he died and of course, Ryu and Kaori named their son after him hinting he was honored posthumously making the Manga not canon while still verifying Gai Yuki's death.  Yup he died from internal bleeding and he did a good job covering his death but how the other Jetmen came to discover it, is never explained and we are left to our imaginations.

Note: I did carry on that plot into the obviously non-canon fan fic of mine Super Sentai vs. Power Rangers (where soon enough, his non-canon resurrection was explained) while in my other fic Super Sentai vs. Nickelodeon and Super Sentai x Nickelodeon, he remains dead but is survived by my OC Joe Hayasaka who is his son and only child born months later after he bit the dust but he returned as a ghost again in another episode to assist Gai Ikari and his son Joe in their perilous times with the help of Mikoto, Burai and Naoto with whom he is buddies with in the afterlife.   In fact I rewrote the final episode of Jetman including how Gai Yuki died in this fan fic with a really badass death in the FINAL BATTLE: Jetman: The Eternal Phoenix.

So yeah Gokaiger 28 also verified he died and the sad part was not so many saw the Jetman Encyclopedia which verified his death to silence everything.  However I had my thoughts that if Gai Yuki returned in Gokaiger as a cyborg like his Gatchaman counterpart Joe Asakura instead of a ghost, I think I would be totally WTFed because it's better to be dead than to be mechanized.


  1. Inoue obviously tried to mimic and simplifie Joe Asuka's complex destiny reguarding to his death and of course being Cyborged.

    Yuki is no Asuka as they are both complete different personality as one just don't give a f**k and the other is angry and vengeful. Though they both have a rebellious attitude and of course antiheroes and lone wolfs.
    As I have said before he died because of,the result of Karma as we can only assume that he has done some slimey deeds and he is a scoundrel.
    By right, he should have been rewarded in life but he was killed in the end because of his good samaritan contribution.

    Death and mortality is a real and gritty thing and that's what made that series unique for the fans as Yuki died tragically.


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