Goggle V Revisited

I felt like I wanted to write this article.  Okay so I wonder if I have any mistakes here but I thought Goggle V deserves to be revisited.  Now for the article:

Well I am afraid this season is pretty underrated... despite it not really entering into my "amazing list" but still, I feel this is a must watch.  For me, I thought this whole season was filled wit concepts that would soon bring forth Super Sentai's newer ideas.  There's a little bit of a shout-out for me.  For example consider Goggle Red symbolizes Atlantis, Goggle Black symbolizes Asia, Goggle Blue symbolizes Egypt, Goggle Yellow symbolizes Lemuria and Goggle Pink symbolizes the Easter Island.  I thought that the whole show was laced with a lot of gymnastic style fighting which really makes the fight scenes fun to watch.

So any shout-outs referencing to Goggle V in later Super Sentai?  Here they are that I think do exist:

Kenichi Akama was an adventurer.  Did his character concept give birth to Satoru Akashi and eventually Boukenger?  I dunno about this but I feel that way although the two can't be compared all the time.

Saboru Aoyoma representing Egypt... well here's a little bit of what we get.  Yuuji Mita/Oh Blue later has a Sphinx for his symbol.

Futoshi Kijima represented Lemuria.  Later Natsuki came from Lemuria, thanks for the shout-out reminder Chris X.

Miki Monozono was using her ribbon style in fighting.  Strangely enough Zyu2 footage (which was used in MMPR) also had Kimberly try to use a ribbon-like weapon once too. =P

I can't talk too much about the robot or anything except that it was the start of a three combiner system while it was also unique, since only three out of five rangers piloted it.

For the Deathdark, I felt like the were all either precursor to future villains in Super Sentai or Kamen Rider.  For example I had my thoughts on these things I think are noticeable:

Deathgiller seriously reminds me of a Darth Vader type attire that's poorly done though he's still a competent villain.  Made me think that he had a badass death when he decided to challenge the Goggle V for the last time piloting the Bear Kong.

Mazurka well she did share a close relationship with Deathgiller but what a shame really to kill her like that.  I thought she deserved a really badass death, not to be used as a bomb.  Made me think her design was later copied into Kamen Rider Black RX's Maribaron with huge modifications.

Grand Marshall Deathmark... well he does seem to look like Marshall Darkness in Kamen Rider as well as Pharaoh Mask from Goranger.  Hmmm... I wonder if we can have more Pharaoh-like villains the future as field commanders?

I would consider Igaana and Zazoriya's deaths to be kind of lame since I thought I wanted these guys to die in battle.  But the abrupt cast departure may have not allowed time for the writers to write them off in such a way but unlike the three generals in Turboranger were written off in the most badass way possible.  But then, I thought that Zazoriya may have been the template to inspire both Dordora in Fiveman and Lamie in Zyuranger.

For Fuehrer Taboo, I really don't have much to say except there was one scene in the final episode where Goggle Red actually singlehandedly poked him while he was immobile, releasing his mobile form.  So was that a precursor to the Riki vs. Ragorn battle?  Maybe.

Overall, made me think that Goggle V is still a good experience overall, I really don't think it's that great but I might put it into the "must watch" list.  To be honset, I still feel like this Super Sentai still has a special place for the hearts of many fans even if it's not in my top ten list including mine.


  1. tbh, Sun Vulcan's Führer Hell Satan (villain) is a direct reference to Darth Vader. I sincerely don't think Deathgriller is that much, only in the helmet design? Hell Satan is basically dressed as Vader. Of course, I watched Sun Vulcan and didn't have the chance with Goggle V yet.

  2. Goggle V's concept would be duplicated by Ohrangers with the ancient civilization thesis and of course the the Olympic-esque fighting style. Goggle V uses mostly uses Gymnastic where as Ohranger uses actual fighting style such as Karate, Wushu Kung fu, Boxing and fencing that is in the Olympics.
    Goggle V had the highest ratings in Sentai history where as Ohranger had the lowest.

    You forget Kanpei Kuroda, being a president in strategics and a loyal second in command who will sacrifice his own life then let his leader get hurt, he would be
    similar to Megablack Kouichirou Endou who is also a president in a club and is the more mature member that keep Mega red on his toes.

    Actor wise, Goggle BlackJunichi Hurata's first major role he would return as Dynablack, Mad Gallian in Juspion and his latest appearance is Souji Ruppiken's father in Kyoryuger.

    Also Dr. Hongo would also appear as the old man Ejin mentor of Juspion opposite Junichi Hurata.
    Com Boy 1 would portray Prince in Bioman.

    And finally it would mark the final series that the outfits is made of cotton and will be replace with Spandex!!!!


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