Super Sentai Rangers Who Became Fathers On-Screen (Specials Included)

So far here are the Sentai rangers who became fathers onscreen for this Father's Day 2013.  Sadly mine is gone. =(

Ryu Tendo- After the war with Vyram, three years later he married Kaori.  According to the Jetman Encyclopedia, he and Kaori had a son they named Gai, after their late friend Gai Yuki which dismisses the Jetman Manga epilogue while verifying Gai Yuki's death.  So I wonder how Gai Yuki reacted to that in the afterlife? XD

Domon- He became a father at the end of Timeranger with Honami at the end of Timeranger and this was also later seen in Gokaiger. =P

Ryouga Hakua- Not exactly that he became a father but he is a father figure to his niece Mai. =P

Asuka- He is the father of Rije and then after recovering his wife Mahoro from her brainwashed and crazy state, had other unnamed children by her.


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