Zyuohger 38: Learning More About The Brutal History Of Zyuland!

Last week, we saw the return of Bard who has actually saved Yamato as a child and decided to save him as an adult. The Bardman stole the Champion Symbol but there's a reason which I find to be very intriguing. While it looked like he was just a petty thief but there's more than meets the eye. 

The history of Zyuland involved some kind of racism towards humans. Long ago, a human accidentally landed into Zyuland and Bard helped the poor fellow. The Zyumen had some insane policy ruling them that any human who accidentally discovers them would be killed. Bard thought it was so stupid and I agree with him that it's stupid. He stole the Champion Symbol to prevent such pain again.

It's nice to see the team-up between Bard and Yamato against the Zagweer Brothers. It was nice to see Yamato team up with Bard himself. The two manage to come up with pretty good synchronized movements to beat both twins together. As long as one Zagweer brother is alive the battle is never over which explains the hassle. Bard leaves the scenes. Hopefully, we'll see more developments. Sidenote, good thing there's no Misao getting pessimistic since it's really getting more annoying than Hojo's antagonistic behavior in Kamen Rider Agito.


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