Was 1993 Also A "Toei's Champion Year" At Least For Shallow Minded Fanboys?

After writing on the champion years post for Tokusatsu post, I included 1993 as one of those champion years for Toei's brand of Tokusatsu. Toei released its huge hit Gosei Sentai Dairanger. On August 31 1993 we saw Toei make its triumphant entry to the American market with Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers with the help of Saban Entertainment. It was a champion year for Tokusatsu with more toy sales in both the Asian and American market. But I'd also call 1993 as a champion year for shallow minded fanboys!

Anybody could say 2009 was a "champion year" for shallow minded fanboys which could be true. I feel that Shinkenger has the eye candy and good plot needed to rinse the mind off the ultimate travesty in spandex known as Power Rangers MEGAFAIL. Though I'd suggest also watching Megaranger (the one true Mega series) and Gokaiger (the biggest anniversary gathering ever) are also needed to help rinse it off the minds of people. You've got Mako and Kotoha. It's like having Rin/Kimberly and Mei/Ako in one show. Shinkenger was just one popular show and I think Mako and Kotoha are getting too much credit. But I'd like to focus in 1993 which I thought was indeed a champion year for shallow minded fanboys.

I can't exactly determine what's in in the mind of the fanboys back when Dairanger first aired nor did I see Dairanger as a kid no thanks to ABiaS-CBN. After seeing some pictures of Mei from Zyuranger and Rin from Dairanger, While I never (and will never) find Mei prettier than Kimberly but there was a time I really found Rin prettier than Kimberly. I found Mei to be cute but not hot. But what about Rin? I was windblown by her appearance - pun intended. I found her to be really pretty and the actress Natsuki Takahashi's latest pictures shown she's actually aged gracefully. Note she's also four years younger than Amy Jo Johnson. While watching Dairanger, I do have a feeling that she more or less gets the same shallow treatment Mako gets. I do like both characters but I think Rin's been more developed. I think she's hotter than Mako but that doesn't make her better. Heck, why didn't the actress guest star as Mako's mother in Shinkenger? Plus, I wish she went to Morphicon this year!

The other even dumber reason just arrived on-screen when Mighty Morphin' first appeared. Soem even coin Kimberly as "every 90s boy's first crush". I want to differ since my first crush was actually Hikaru Kasuragi in Bioman who was also dubbed as Kimberly by Telesuccess' dubbing. Even after seeing Zyuranger I couldn't even agree with people who say Mei is prettier than she is. I still think she's way hotter than Mei though she's probably just overrated. But I think she's been the prettiest Power Rangers girl and I still think of her that way even if I don't consider her to be the greatest pink ranger ever. While I find her prettier than Mei but I think Rin always competes in that spot in the looks department. I like Kimberly as a character but she tends to be underdeveloped. Rin has shown more development than Kimberly. Unfortunately, that seemed to carry on with Mako in Shinkenger to a certain extent minus the get sick during the crossover part. Like Natsuki Takahashi, she's also aged pretty well. Until now I still find it weird she was 23 at that time but she looked younger than her actual age!

Closing words

As for that champion year, it's very easy to be stupid and say, "Duh it's because of Rin and Kimberly." like it's easy to say, "Duh! Shinkenger's the best because of Kotoha and Mako!" then I'd say "SHUT THE F*CK UP!" first to myself then to others. I can be that shallow minded myself in more than one occasion. I watched Megafail for the girls but I found myself hating that season because it was so horrible. Some of the Super Sentai seasons have really pretty girls but those seasons that don't have much of eye candy are better. I don't find Mei as pretty as Kimberly but I like Zyuranger better. I don't find the girls of Changeman or Flashman attractive but those are two shows that have a pretty good plot. Timeranger's Yuuri may not be as hot as Shinkenger's Mako but I think Timeranger is the best Super Sentai series with Yasuko Kobayashi as the head writer.

To be a bit more objective, 1993 is still a champion year regardless whether Rin and Kimberly are that hot, not that hot or not hot at all. Dairanger is a celebrated classic during its year. Mighty Morphin' gave Toei its ticket through the American market since Super Sentai airing in the U.S. as it is wouldn't get past cultural barriers. That year, Toei hit the gold pot at the end of the rainbow and neither Rin nor Kimberly being hot have anything to do with it.


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