My Picks For Top Ten Super Sentai Red Rangers

Due to WatchMojo's choice for top ten red rangers, I've chosen my own list. for Super Sentai Remember, this is my personal opinion so feel free to disagree. Here's my current top pick for favorite red rangers from bottom to top. If you have your list feel free to write your reasons down.

10.) Shiro Gou/Red One

He's my very first red ranger though back then, I wasn't really fan of him. Instead, I was a fan of Ryuta Nanbara. But I can't deny he's a great leader of the Biomen. He's always put the team together. I still can't forget the time he confronted Jun Yabuki about the reality of Mika Koizumi's death and that becoming a Bioman is no easy task. He's also put his life at risk many times for the others like challenging Silver one-on-one. He's also rivals with Mason of New Empire Gear.

Ryoma/Ginga Red

I feel like this guy's an improvement from what Geki was in Zyuranger. Geki was a great warrior though he managed to improve Geki's concept. He starts off as the doubtful red ranger after he saw his brother Hyuga supposedly die. He's carrying the burden of becoming the 133rd Ginga Red. When his brother Hyuga returned he even thought of vacating his position. Instead, he led the Ginga team continuously seeing that it's his rightful destiny. Also, he's known to have crossed swords against Sanbash, Budho and later on, even Captain Zahab during the revival of Daitanic. Kazuki Maehara also managed to pull out his performance. It was nice to see him reprise his role in Gokaiger.

Yuusuke Amemiya/Red Falcon

While watching Liveman, it's easy to see that this guy is definitely worth adding to this list. So he doesn't always start at the top. He wasn't always the best student but he's trying his best. IMO, I feel his portrayal and characterization is better than how Yousuke was in Hurricanger. He's got this conflict as his former best friend Dr. Kemp is now his personal arch-rival. It's also revealed he also once had a crush on Dr. Mazenda back in his younger years. Daisuke Shima does a pretty good job pulling the role. Years later, he's seen making a return in the Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai crossover.

Gaku Hoshikawa/Five Red

Although I'm more of a fan of Ken Hoshikawa/Five Blue than Five Red but he does deserve to make it to this list. Even if I like GoGoV more than Fiveman but I can't deny that I actually prefer Gaku over his GoGoFive counterpart Matoi Tatsumi. Matoi's a great fighter but he can be too loud. Toshiya Fuji does a really good portraying as a big brother IMO. He's also stood against Garoa, Chevalier and Billion in battle more than once. Best scene? Well I'd give that to his death battle with Chevalier which was his narrow escape during the finale. IMO, he should've returned in Gaoranger VS. Super Sentai instead of Yuusuke.

Hiryu Tsurugi/Change Dragon

Is it me or do I really want to play my usual biases again? With this guy, I really want to say that he'll beat Andros off-course, no pun intended. Not that Andros can't fight but I personally feel he's miles better. Take a note Andros' Super Sentai counterpart is Kenta Date/Mega Red since Power Rangers in Space is based on Megaranger. What makes this guy better IMO is that he's actually had better clashes with both Buuba and Giluke. Andros' rivalry with Ecliptor (who's also portrayed in a similar way as Buuba) is nowhere near Hiryu's rivalry with Buuba. From his first clash with Buuba then later with Giluke to how his rivalries were wrapped up, I want to see more of Changeman to understand what's being said.

Jin/Red Flash

He's my favorite in Flashman and the eldest of the five children. I don't doubt Leo Corbett in Lost Galaxy is a good fighter but I don't really feel like Ryoma all better or worse. So what's with this guy? He's the eldest so he's got vague memories since he was three years old when he got kidnapped and later raised in some lost galaxy and was raised on Planet Flash while the others were raised on the four moons where they all gained their super powers. Best moments are when he's got his rivalry with both Ley Wanda and later with Sir Kaura. Surviving his death duel with Sir Kaura (which the other also survived) was just plain amazing as well as his final battle with Ley Wanda was also amazing. Now only if I can see more Flashman.


Zyuranger wasn't all that great and I still think Dairanger's better. Ryou does get a spot here with just how badass he is as a leader. He's hesitant to accept his destiny first as the leader but he accepted it because he's a selfless character. I'd say Keiichi Wada does a good job portraying his character and it was nice to see him back in Gokaiger. He also has had his greatest moments like his fight against Jin Matoba and going straight to fighting Pot Taoist in just one episode.  I can always say Tommy Oliver's just overrated garbage and this guy's the real legend. I think he's a worthy nominee for the rank of greatest red ranger legend ever. Best moment was when he decided to wrap up the conflict with Shadam during the final episode in a knifing duel.

Ryu Tendo/Red Hawk

I guess this is extreme favoritism or what? I guess so. Speaking of which, Ryu's pretty much just human like we are even if he's this great soldier. Okay, he tends to get preachy. Another problem that fans tend to point out is Kotaro Tanaka's acting is not that good but still he's one of the more popular red rangers out there. Just that overall, he's not as popular as Gai Yuki. The same effect took place years later with Takeru Shiba in Shinkenger. He's lost his girlfriend, he tries to move on but finds himself unable to. Pretty much, I thought he should have told everyone earlier about the situation. When he discovered that Rie is his assumed to be dead girlfriend he goes on a period of insanity that Gai Yuki had to snap him out of it. He must struggle with his personal feelings (something he's always told his team to do), the messy love polygon he's stuck with and his rivalry with Count Radiguet.

Takeru/Red Mask

I'm always somewhat annoyed by how much my other favorite Takeru, Takeru Shiba gets too much attention while this favorite Takeru of mine hasn't been that recognized by newer fans. But back then, he's been a huge fan favorite for his generation. He's got this struggle when he's determined to be reunited with Mio who he doesn't know is actually Princess Ial. He's got his rivalry with both Prince(ss) Igam and later he's got a rivalry with Kiros. One of the reasons why I think he's got better development than Takeru Shiba is that Kiros is a much more menacing and meddlesome foe than Juzo ever was in Shinkenger. Juzo was sort of boring. Kiros was a more interesting villain. His rivalry with Igam is drawn between personal feelings and duty. Igam hates him because of his relationship with Ial. When he discovered that Igam was really a woman he's hesitant to fight her since he's got a sense of honor.

Riki Honoo/Red Turbo

He's my favorite in Turboranger, no questions asked. He's got the biggest responsibility as he has to lead the group of teenagers with attitude in their fight against the Bouma. As much as I like Megaranger and Carranger better than Turboranger but I think this guy is better than Kenta Date and Kyousuke Jinnai. Kenta's not really the leader when everyone's out of suit... which leaves Kouichirou Endo as the de-facto leader. Sure Kyousuke was tough but he didn't get to fight Exhaus one on one or actually defeat any of the enemy generals in Carrangers. But Riki? He's faced Zimba more than once. He defeated Rehda during the battle against the Chomajin Bouma. Best moment? It's when he defeated Emperor Ragorn in a life and death battle. Beneath that, he still believes in trying to redeem both Yamimaru and Kirika from their hate in Turboranger's second half. Top all that! Even if Turboranger isn't my top favorite Super Sentai but I think he deserves the top spot in here.


  1. Mine:
    1. Takeru, Shinken Red
    2. Marveolus, Gokai Red
    3. Satoru, Bouken Red
    4. Alata, Gosei Red
    5. Hiromu, Red Buster
    6. Takeru, Red Mask
    7. Ryou, Ryu Ranger
    8. Gaku, Five Red
    9. Shiro, Red One
    10. Ryu, Red Hawk

  2. 1.Marveolus, Gokai Red
    2.Takeru, Shinken Red
    3.Ryou, Ryu Ranger
    4.Ryu, Red Hawk
    5.Satoru, Bouken Red
    6.Yuusuke Amemiya/Red Falcon
    7.Ban/Deka red
    8.Ryoma/Ginga Red
    9.Matoi/Go Red
    10.Kyosuke/Red Racer

  3. Here is my top 10...

    10. Masao Den/ Battle Japan
    9. Hiryu Tsurugi/ Change Dragon
    8. Takeru Shiba/ Shinken Red
    7. Captain Marvelous/ Gokai Red
    6. Satoru/ Bouken Red
    5.Geki/ Tyrano Ranger
    4.Ryo/ Ryu Ranger
    3.Takeru/ Red Mask
    2.Riki Hono/Red Turbo
    1.Ryusuke Amamiya/ Red Falcon


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