My Thoughts On Hurricanger In 26 Episodes

While I won't be doing my "My thoughts on Zyuohger in X episodes..." due to the weekly updates (And I wonder why the show's not clicking?!), I'm now thinking about writing this one after I wrote one for GoGoV and Ninninger. I won't do any weekly updates (and maybe I'll drop doing episode reviews for now, other fellow bloggers or critics just keep beating me to it) on this one considering I've been watching this at my own pace (which is an advantage when I'm watching older seasons). Without much ado, I'll give my thoughts on this series.

As usual, beware of spoilers.

It's no secret me and Shogo B'Stard have some friendly disagreements and how we both see Hurricanger is one of them. I'm a fan of Nao Nagasawa and he's isn't. I can't really fall myself a fan of Nao Nagasawa if I don't check out Hurricanger - the very show that was responsible for her recognition for her martial arts. He also doesn't like Hurricanger and has given it a lot of negatives. FYI, I'm also a fan of Black RX, Fiveman, Zyuranger, Timeranger and Boukenger - shows he's not a fan of and feels they're not his flavor for his cups of tea. Now I'd give my thoughts on Hurricanger within 26 episodes.

The main writer is none other than Junichi Miyashita of Metal Hero fame. I haven't seen his other works yet except for Janperson so I can't really decide. He was also responsible for most of Kamen Rider Black which is my first Kamen Rider series. I don't know whether or not Hurricanger was him under a burnout considering that writing for a lot of series is no easy walk in the park. Maybe, just maybe I'm giving Hurricanger the same treatment I give to Turboranger and Fiveman... but funny I couldn't give that same treatment to Kobayashi with ToQGer but I could give that same treatment to Go-Busters. Let's move on shall we?

The opening arc isn't anything that special. It's not really all that special. Okay, I may start bringing Liveman again which really had a massacre involved, trying to save a pregnant woman where the child lives but the mother dies... Hurricanger doesn't have that. Sure, we've seen the whole Hayate school except the Hurricangers die but that scene is too mild compared to what Liveman offered. Maybe, just maybe Great Professor Bias beats Tau Zanto off the chart. Tau Zanto's an ancient menace while Bias is some guy who's probably not that old but still, I thought that Hurricanger's opening lacked the intensity Liveman had. Again, it's post-Timeranger era and I don't think darker and edgier Super Sentai's going to sell that much as it used to.

Live Liveman, it had the three plus two formula but in its own new way. Liveman's three plus two formula didn't involve Tetsuya and Junichi as former members of Volt. Instead, they were plotting for revenge. Ikkou and Isshu had a temporary alliance in Jajanka all because of their father's stupid principles that says the weak must be crushed. After all, both the Hurricangers are Hayate and the Gouraigers are Ikazuchi which were rival schools in the past. It was pretty interesting how they started out as enemies but soon realized they needed to work together. The team isn't all that united yet but they started learning anyway.

Sidenote, I may be liking Hurricanger but I still felt that the characters aren't as good as the Liveman cast. Yousuke's a screaming red though I don't hate him and Yuusuke/Red Falcon is the better red ranger. Nanami seems to be just eye candy (while still exhibiting her martial arts) while Megumi's shown more complex characterization. Kitou's okay and so is Joe. I think the Liveman trio should've returned in Gokaiger instead and a Hurricanger tribute episode can work with just one of them - preferably Nao Nagasawa. On the other hand, I still think I like them better than the Ninja Storm cast based on my personal preferences. I kind of find the Ninja Storm cast boring.

The mecha here is somewhat a tribute to Liveman even if the second set of mecha are based on beetles. Okay, the first mecha is a hawk and not a falcon but still you can't deny that the first three mecha have one bird, a dolphin and a lion to form Senpuujin. Gouraijin's introduction would be like the Live Boxer as the other two rangers' mecha. The two end up combining to destroy an enlarged Chuzubo. Then we have the arrival of Saturakura to replace Chuzubo and Manmaruba's evolution to help further the conflict. But as always, I don' think Hurricanger's conflict is as good as Liveman's nor was it meant to be at that level.

The entrance of the mysterious Shurikenger is something. From what I read, he actually lost his real identity and so he's stuck in as an ambiguous being. So how does he eat if he's stuck in his suit? I guess he still can eat but in unconventional ways. He's known to take human disguises. I still need to watch more to further discover what went on with him.

So far, so good and I'm enjoying the show. On the other hand, I think people just tend to overrate this show. I hope I'm not just in for the hype. I still respect people who don't like the show and present why they don't like it. But I like the show but I won't give it too much credit either.


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