Kyuranger Space 15: It's Fun Time At The Beach Planet Vera... Or Not?!

This week's Kyuranger is too early for summer in Japan. Maybe, there's some environmental drive going on and this is what Kyuranger's next episode is. It's all about saving the oceans. One of Jark Matter's invaded colonies is the ocean planet of Vera. They're after the Vera Kyu Globe which may open up some mysteries of the Universe soon enough. 

The Kyurangers hope to take a swim only to get their hopes dashed. I guess the Jark Matter could care less about environmental concerns as long as they get profit. I'd like to tell their officers to try counting their money without breathing. But I wish that this scene were shot in Coron, Palawan to at least remind everyone that environment and economy should be done together.

The whole ocean planet is polluted no thanks to the invasion of the Jark Matter.  The new Daikan known as Goneshi is fooling everyone. He gets some offerings which are the fish of the planet. I guess this guy has never heard of conservative fishing.

We get to see some human-like inhabitants in Vera. IMO, I wish they made them look like fish aliens or something for this episode. Anyway, the natives in Vera think that the Kyurangers are behind the problem. This causes some trouble. Naga comes up with a crazy plan which doesn't work so well.

We get to see more of what Hammy was in the past. It's time we see more of Hammy. Hammy relates herself to a Veran girl named Martha. Martha is unable to tell everyone of the truth behind the "savior" of the planet. Hammy helps Martha open up which exposes the deception of Jark Matter. What I still find funny is how they were able to clean up the ocean that fast. =P

It's interesting to have the still surviving Madoka now take sides with Scorpio. The mission on Earth isn't over yet. Scorpio realizes that Darth Sidious ahem Don Armage is somewhat in a hurry. What in the world is Don Armage hiding from the audience?

Next week, I can't wait to see how the confrontation between Stinger and his older brother Scorpio will turn out. I hope this conflict will be well-written and enjoyable. 


  1. I gotta say this episode is one of those perfect examples of a childish-looking show not feeling childish at all and, in fact, teaches a lesson (albeit a bit subtly) on rethinking about your so-called "saviors": sometimes, your "saviors" might have been the cause of the s*** you are experiencing all along and is just using the mess s/he created to gain control of you by giving you false hope that s/he will fix it; which, of course, s/he either won't fix at all or will only fix it bit-by-bit just to show s/he's doing something about it.

    But of course, it doesn't mean you should go look for another savior or someone else to fix such mess, even though you are not the one who caused it......

    1. Also the episode is lighthearted but has human sacrifice


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