My Thoughts On Geki Jumonji/Second Gavan And Banban Akaza/Deka Red's Upcoming Appearance In Kyuranger Episode 18

From the Tokusatsu News Network here's the synopsis of the upcoming Kyuranger episode which will air on June 11, 2017:

Madakko has stolen the Pyxis Kyutama and arrived at a different part of space through a blackhole. The Kyurangers follow but they are encountered by Geki and Ban who, unaware of the situation, arrest the heroes on illegal space travel charges. We will see the encounter of commanders Sho Ronpo and Doggy Krueger as well as the latter’s encounter with Garu, his inter-series brother (?). The episode will also feature team-ups by Lucky/ShishiRed and Ban as well as Naga/HebitsukaiSilver. Ishigaki will show his own skills in scenes before transforming.

What do I think of the upcoming crossover? I'm actually excited to see what's going to link itself to the upcoming Gavan vs. Dekaranger film. I still like Dekaranger that much and I still can't forget how I watched Gavan as a child. I still can't forget how I enjoy Dekaranger's police-based theme and how it wasn't your typical Super Sentai. Kyuranger is space-themed. Gavan is the first of the three Space Sheriff series and maybe it's the most popular one of all. Dekaranger integrated elements from various Metal Hero series into a Super Sentai show. I guess it's only fair enough to get them though I wish Hikari Kurosaki who played Juspion would guest-star. Too bad that's not happening. 

As for the plot, I think it's probably going to be a huge series of what-ifs yet again. So I wonder how the Dekaranger couldn't even get rid of the whole Space Shogunate or where was the Galactic Police when Don Armage was establishing his galactic empire? I hope the show decides to give an explanation for that. Also, the possibility that Garu could be Doggy's brother may be giving non-canon siblings. Toei's had that habit. Remember how Chuzubo had a brother known as Chubozo in Hurricanger vs. Gaoranger or how Frieza had a what-if only brother in the Dragon Ball Z movie-only continuity Revenge of Cooler and Cooler Returns? It wouldn't make sense though if Garu is Doggy's brother. Garu is a wolf and Doggy is a dog. What's the world of fiction without creating different possible continuities?

Isn't it funny how Kyuranger's current main antagonist is called Don Armage? Gavan's main antagonist was called Don Horror. I wonder if the show will explain how the Earth got taken over by Jark Matter assuming that Kyuranger exists in the VS. Universe. EX-AID's appearance may already proof that Kyuranger may not be a standalone series but takes place in the Super Hero Taisen universe. I hope the show will give him a real background story to what kind of person he is. Will he be established as a relative of Don Horror from Gavan? Will we see a San Dorva type character to appear in Kyuranger soon?

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Also, will longtime fans of Super Sentai and Kamen Rider see both Captain Marvelous and Tsukasa Kaido in a future episode of Kyuranger? I hope to see not just Captain Marvelous but also Tsukasa in a future episode. I may not be a fan of Kamen Rider Decade and the first Super Hero Taisen movie (both had problems with implementation) but it would be nice to see both shows take part in the war to take back the Universe. 


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