Go-Busters Should Have Been A Doomsday Super Sentai

Power Rangers RPM's rather unique plot had potential in its setting as a doomsday season. I don't even feel like comparing my preference of Go-onger over RPM because it's pretty much apples vs. oranges. If anything, I could end up saying that I have good reasons to choose Go-Busters over RPM because of the similarities. I remember how excited I was to think how Power Rangers RPM's concept could have been used in Super Sentai but I feel like it wasn't all that good either. I wish that Go-Busters were a doomsday Super Sentai but it turned out not to be it. Considering it's the 5th anniversary of Go-Busters so I feel like writing this entry.

What I wish happened was that the December 24 incident would have caused something catastrophic. The Messiah virus was born on that date and years later, it would leak infecting the whole world. If RPM had the dome city of Corinth, then Super Sentai could have the dome city of Tokyo or maybe Akihabara. It could be better if a lot of humanity went underground with the Messiah virus controlling the world as we know it.

This results to the organization of the underground colony by Takeshi Kuroki. He doesn't have to be Hiromu's father. He could just be Japan's own version of Colonel Truman from RPM. Both commanders always get their job done. It's a shame that 32 episodes can't give Colonel Truman more room to show off how good he is as a mentor. I think he could be involved in humanity's last struggle against the Messiah virus. He organizes the Go-Busters unit for the same reason that the RPM team got established. Just remember it's not spandex!

I'd actually try to give the Messiah virus a better plot than just Miho Nakamura releasing a virus so she could move out from captivity. I guess I would have it where she tried to suppress the virus years ago but overestimated the power of the anti-virus she made. I could probably have it where the Messiah virus was released by some mad scientist creating an epidemic similar to Amazons. Miho herself can still play the role of Dr. K and she tries to find a way to destroy the virus permanently.

I thought Escape shouldn't have been turned into a fully synthetic version of Tenaya-7. I think it could have worked better if she were actually somebody's younger sister turned into one of Messiah's experimental subjects. She's brainwashed into calling Messiah as "papa". Unlike Tenaya-7 who met her happy ending I'd actually want another failed rescue mission. Sure we have Shiima in Changeman and Jannu in Abaranger meeting their happy ending but Maria in Jetman didn't. Just think what if she became a tragic version of Tenaya-7. I could probably make her Jin Masato's sister or maybe even Ryuji Iwasaki's younger sister. This could lead to a lot of conflict.

I could still keep Enter the same sadistic person that he is. The Messiah card arc could actually be where he figures out how he could take over or not. I would probably allow him to see the Messiah virus defeated, he temporarily takes over and yet in the finale his betrayal isn't forgiven. I would have a moment where he thinks he's achieved what he already wants but the last remnant of the Messiah virus suddenly takes over his system. No, I wouldn't drop a building on the Messiah Virus in Enter's body. Instead, I'd give it a grand all duke out with an anti-virus to forever delete him or is it? Maybe we could have a hanging ending similar to RPM's where it's hinted that the Messiah virus may not be forever deleted.

I also thought who would have been the best writers? I'd pick Yasuko Kobayashi and Toshiki Inoue. But again, what if Toei will meddle with them again. Then again we already know Inoue already burnt out during Kamen Rider Kiva and Kobayashi was already losing enetron during Go-Busters.


  1. The Doomdsay motif was only used so far in power rangers

    1. It would be a good idea if it were used in Super Sentai also. =P

    2. I think that series with a Doomsday theme are supposed to be serious


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