My Forced Comparison Of Kagaku Sentai Dynaman With Michael Bay

Michael Bay would probably love Dynaman. There's some things that Dynaman and Bay's films would have in common. Here's my forced comparison just for the fun of doing it.

The overuse of explosions

Dynaman's overuse of explosions is really something for an 80s Super Sentai. It almost felt like that Bay directed it. I think it's only fitting for the show to have an overuse of explosions because of the "dyna". It's a dynamite-filled Super Sentai series.

The tendency to use fanservice and attractive females

Okay short shorts and short skirts aren't really new to Super Sentai. You already had that in Goranger. But it seems Dynaman has some fanservice with not just Rei Tachibana but also with Princess Chimera. Episode 20 featured a bikini battle between Rei and Chimera. Episode 29 features a sexy scene with Chimera bathing and her armor getting stolen. Should I mention Zenobia is also pretty attractive?

For the love of awkward designs

If Bay didn't use CGI then we might see robots that look really clunky. I like Dynaman as a series but I think the mecha is that ugly for me. If Bay used suit actors to do the cast of his Transformers series then I think they'd really look like 80s Super Sentai mecha.

The Jashinka may also carry some of Bay's stereotypes

They're a typical gangster in how they do things even if they're royalty. They're also one sided patriots. You've got the crazy person in Megiddo and Chimera... and later Zenobia. Megiddo is also trigger happy in several episodes. Should I mention the military stereotypes are also present as both Zenobia and Karr are both generals?


  1. I wonder why goggle v, dynaman, and changeman got rocket-headed mecha..
    denziman up to flashman got similar design, it was long until they create different mecha radically


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