Was Flashman Originally Going To Be Called Gingaman?

If there's the Power Rangers snob rumor mill then there should be the Super Sentai snob rumor mill. Then again they're not the only rumor mills in the Tokusatsu community. There's the possibility that somebody right now who likes both Super Sentai and Power Rangers prefers Lost Galaxy over Gingaman. There was the now disproven rumor that Lost Galaxy is more popular than Gingaman in Japan. There might  be the rumor that Flashman was supposed to be named Gingaman. There's really no proof and maybe this is really far from believable. With Kyuranger being space-themed and a possible Gingaman DVD release is coming soon I decided to write this speculative entry.

The plot of Flashman was where five children were kidnapped by Alien Hunters. The spaceship crashed and the five babies grew up in another solar system or some distant "lost galaxy". They were trained on Planet Flash and its four satellites. That alone could have probably given it a better justification to name the series as Gingaman. They use space technology not from our galaxy but from some "lost galaxy". I guess we're all going to get the word "Flash" replaced with "Ginga". We may get Flash King as Ginga-oh or Flash Titan as Ginga Titan. They're children who grew up in some lost galaxy and must now try to connect to their birth planet Earth.

While I do like Gingaman but I thought the series could have been named Seijuuman instead. Seijuu means Starbeast and that's what the series was based on. Lost Galaxy could have been better named as Galaxy Beasts. I think the name Gingaman could have been better off applied to Flashman. So why was Gingaman well named... Gingaman even when it's a treehugger? The mind really boggles and I think that maybe Flashman is probably the first true Ginga series before Kyuranger came into the scenes.

What do you think of this speculation?


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