Kyuranger 16: Am I My Brother Stinger's Keeper?

This week's Kyuranger is a deviation from the fun time we had last week. No matter how lighthearted most post-Timeranger Super Sentai are but we do get some serious moments. Even the comedic Carranger and Go-onger has their share of serious moments. This episode of Kyuranger starts to make me like Scorpio as my current favorite villain of the series. 

Scorpio shows how much of an actor he is. So he does pretend to want to destroy Jark Matter to save the Universe but he has other agendas. He stings Madako and we know that she can feign it. Scorpio plays with Stinger's feelings creating a well-thought trap. I don't think I'll miss Ikagen now that Scorpio is doing such a magnificent job in the conflict. 

What's predictable (or not) is that he dramatized everything. Stinging Madoka was all but a part of his plan to fool his younger brother. He has plans to overthrow his master Don Armage. I wonder how will this play into the series. I think Don Armage may have a back-up plan or two. I hope that this will be a season-long conflict. He plans to rule over the Universe himself. He tries to dissuade his brother into his side. Shades of Darth Vader anyone?

What makes him so despicable is that he could actually dare to kill his own brother. Families get torn apart when they belong to different allegiances. In the case of Scorpio his allegiance is to himself. He seeks to assassinate Don Armage (hopefully we'll see him beyond the hologram ASAP). Champ ends up taking the attack for Stinger.

I felt bad for Stinger here. He thought he could still save his older brother. But now, they're torn apart. To make matters worse, Scorpio doesn't look like he's brainwashed and crazy. Instead, Scorpio may be evil at his own free will. Champ will be sent to Rebellion HQ for repairs. I doubt it Scorpio can be redeemed compared to Burai in Zyuranger.

Next week will involve in an invisible enemy. Looks like we're going to get some cool Bandai merchandise by next week.


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