Sentai Injustice: The Way Gai Yuki Died!

Now I would understand if you got stabbed by a knife, yon can die and Gai Yuki's death was realistic on his part but the Jetmen looked like idiots when they couldn't notice anything wrong. Now what was practically wrong with it? Here's what I think... and you can ask WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL? You may also read my speculation behind Toshiki Inoue's injustice.

For one, Gai Yuki is partly based on Joe Asakura. Both of them were badass heroes who would go into the battle line. For one, Gai Yuki was the type who would risk his life in combat. For example, during the Juuza Arc, he took a blast meant for Kaori and even he knew he could die. During the Three Demons Gods arc, he was willing to die to set Kaori free and he said he'll fight to his last drop of blood. For one, Gai Yuki's actions prove that he is one that if he should die, he would truly deserve a warrior's death not just being killed by a random mugger!

You know, the death scene of Gai Yuki could have been easier to accept IF the Jetmen notice something was wrong with him but come on, he dies there and nobody notices?! WTF! For one, Toshiki Inoue's way of writing to shock viewers can be really, really stupid. Jetman was a great series but it suffers from this really great injustice. I mean, let's just think of how Gai Yuki should have died!

As I love to say it, the final battle would have been the best place for Gai Yuki to die. Although Ryu is self-sacrificing, I thought that Gai Yuki would be more than ready to do such a life-threatening stunt to pilot Jet Garuda. I mean, let Gai Yuki recklessly separate Great Icarus into its two major components, let him hold Radiguet and let him do this rather dramatic scene. He uses Jet Garuda to hold Radiguet's exposed wound, he even charges up Jet Garuda to a critical level and then he says, "Ryu forget about me! Whether I live or I die, it doesn't matter but this bastard is GOING DOWN!" Ryu would hesitate because he has already become friends with Gai Yuki and now they could lose him forever. But thinking of the world's safety, Ryu hesitantly stabs the Birdonic Saber, Gai Yuki and Radiguet both die in the process. Radiguet curses them, the Jet Garuda explodes and it's time for a dramatic finale.

So what could have happened next is this. The Jetmen look for Gai Yuki... and they find him in terrible shape. Ryu wants to bring him to a doctor but... you know he's too injured. Gai Yuki might even spit some blood and say, "Ryu, don't be too preachy! That's what I never liked about you! But thanks man for being willing to do this!" Ryu will say, "Gai don't talk like that. We will bring you to a doctor. You will make it." Gai Yuki will say, "No Ryu, I'm done for. My wounds are too severe. We have fought the good fight. Farewell..." Then Gai Yuki dies, causing the Jetmen team to cry over him. Then they give him an honorable burial for the fallen hero.

So let's just think... three years enough for Ryu to develop feelings for Kaori and return those feelings. So I thought of this... what if Kaori wasn't only consoling Ryu for the loss of Rie but also Ryu was also consoling Kaori for the loss of Gai Yuki? Wouldn't that make a little more sense? Then three years after the fall of Vyram, one might see Raita and Satsuki now married visiting the grave of Gai Yuki. This of course, Raita says, "Too bad Satsuki, Gai is dead. I mean today is Ryu's and Kaori's wedding day." Satsuki will say, "But you guys moved on without him." Then of course, Gai Yuki's ghost appears at the bench, sitting, Ryu then talks to Gai Yuki's ghost for awhile where they remember their final battle. Ryu thanks Gai Yuki for his sacrifice and then, while everyone enjoys themselves, Gai Yuki then disappears into the afterlife giving his blessings to the newly wed couple. At least, that's how Gai Yuki should have left and showed his vulnerability, as a real badass Gai!

Unfortunately this injustice just DID NOT stop at Jetman's finale. 20 years later, Toshiki Inoue would be the guest writer of Gokaiger episode 28 "Wings Forever". And yes, I am addressing this to how Gai Ikari was treated like a clown. Also, it gave a plothole to this - if he could see the ghosts of Naoto, Burai and Mikoto... why cannot he see the ghost of Gai Yuki?! Plus, that whole episode kind of got me mixed... it was a very CRUEL episode to the max! I respect people who love this episode but IMO that episode was horrid. Now while SS vs. PR has gone really sour due to my moments of craziness (gone too much drinking from a broken heart), I wrote this "Wings Forever" as a rewrite of that episode.


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