Sentai Speculation: How in the World Do Bioman's Beastnoids KEEP SURVIVING BEING HIT BY BIO ELECTRONS?!

Now it's time for me to speculate on Doctor Man's most enignmatic creation, the Beastnoids.  What made them unique is that the Biomen didn't kill them, every time they hare hit by a Bio Electron Attack, they just simply WTF retreat?!

Bioman episodes 7-8 really was a few moments that bothered me.  Messerjuu was hit in episode 7 with the Bio Electron Beam and yet he was seen later, still working alongside Mason.  In episode 8, he was fired at by the Bio Super Electron.  Somehow I wonder how do they KEEP SURVIVING?!

Episode 14 kind of gives a partial explanation (yet fails to account for Messerjuu in episodes 7-8) on Aquagaiger.  After Aquagaiger is defeated by the Bio Super Electron, he is seen being brought back to Gear Headquarters.  Aquagaiger requests Doctor Man to fix him.  yet again, how do they keep surviving?!   In episode 24, after Aquagaiger was hit by the Bio Electron Beam, guess what... he is still and LATER found with Mason, waiting for Piranhakans to be launched.  I just wonder what kind of metal did Doctor Man use on them?!

In Bioman episode 19, one can see Mason and Mettlzer returning to the New Empire Gear base in really bad shape.  I mean Prince just freaking blew up the power plant which causes Mettlzer to return in worse shape than he was hit by a Bio Electron.  Just made me think... so what if the Bio Electron moves were merely designed to send the Beastnoids away rather than kill them?  For some reason, I really think the Beastnoid concept gets too stale all so quickly.  Fortunately, they were not repeated after that post-Bioman... because they tend to get overly repetitive.

Episode 31 did us a favor by killing at least two Beastnoids.  Messerjuu and Aquagaiger were too damaged even for spare parts.  Juuoh, Psygorn and Mettlzer can be seen as survivors which can explain why Juuoh's body parts were still intact for reassembly.  So I guess if the Biomen learned a powerful technique way ahead before upgrades, all the Beastnoids would have died by then!

In the finale arc, it did make some sense why Juuoh and Mettlzer were finally destroyed.  I mean do consider the fact Silver's Bio Buster does more than negate Bio Particles, it also is a sheer destructive force that can also pierce through almost anything.  So it would be logical they died after being hit by the Super Electron.  But Psygorn?  It was pretty rushed and I don't think being merely hit back by his Death Beams and being shot by Red One would have rendered much damage... which was poorly explained how he succumbed to death in episode 50.


  1. Perhaps they made to withstand Bio Electron attacks and they do get repaired and sent back to fight!!!


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